Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas breakfast....

Happy Monday!  Did you have a good week-end?  Are you ready for a week with another holiday?  If you are employed, do you have another day off in the middle of the week?

Because of varying schedules at our house this past week, our "Christmas morning" came on Christmas Eve.  That called for a special Christmas morning breakfast!

Making its debut!

I have been reviewing my recipe files, trying some of them that have never been tried, and making a decision about keeping the recipe.  This particular recipe has been in my file for awhile.  It is unmarked so I am unable to assign credit to anyone particular.  I will say this - the recipe is staying in the file for later use!  It was perfect to have available, especially since we have some vegetarians in the family.

8 slices white or whole wheat bread (I used whole wheat).
1/4 cup butter (could use less), melted and cooled
6 eggs, well-beaten
Salt and pepper to taste
2 cups milk (I used skim).
3/4 lb. sharp Cheddar cheese, grated
- Cut crusts from bread; cut bread into cubes.  Melt utter in saucepan.  Stir together with eggs, salt, and pepper.  Blend milk into egg mixture.  Place half of bread cubes in greased casserole; cover with half grated cheese; repeat; pour egg mixture over all.  Refrigerate at least 8 hours. When ready to bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Bake 30-40 minutes.  Six servings.

One of the things I liked about this is that it was assembled the day before, and all I had to do was just set it in the oven when I was ready to cook it.  While I used regular cheese, it would be possible to use low-fat cheese - or even fat-free cheese. 

My, my!  Tomorrow is the last day of 2013!  Where has this year gone?  Are you ready for New Year's Eve?  I still have some Christmas posts for you!  Well, I suppose they will always be good, so stay tuned.:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I love "make ahead" recipes for Christmas. Makes the day more relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this one! Have a great week!

  2. i love the smell of a breakfast casserole cooking! i will be in bed early on new year's eve. i am not a new years person!

  3. This really does sound and look delicious! I'm sure there was not a scrap left in that dish after your family attacked it! I'm sharing this one on Facebook, as I have many friends who LOVE recipes. Have a marvelous Monday! :-)

  4. I like the idea of making ahead and the lower fat substitutions. Sounds really good!
    Happy New Year Nellie!

  5. It sounds like a nice recipe to have on hand for the Christmas season or for any occasion. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh my friend - I am not one for recipes or baking, but this is right up my alley! It's a keeper and so easy. Thank you for this - and for the cheer and light you are shining from your corner of the world!
    Top of the New Year to you and yours - and keep on blogging! (Thank you for being so faithful and following and posting on mine!) Like your sister, you are so easy to love - and so easy on the eyes - and HEART!! Hugs from the cold Canadian prairie!!

  7. Breakfast looks good at your house. : )

  8. Make ahead is wonderful. I'll bet it tasty.

    Happy New Year my friend!


  9. Nellie, just go to my blog and right click to copy and then paste it into your own blog.

  10. I love this and have made it several times. It's Excellent. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm copying yours down anyway just to see if they are the same - if not, I'll try your's too.

  11. Hi Nellie! Gosh im sorry its been awhile! I made a similar breakfast casserole to bring to my daughters christmas morning. I love breakfast casseroles and will have to try yours! Enjoy you evening!

  12. Hello dear Nellie... wow, that looks delish!... wishing you a very Happy New Year dear friend, xoxo Julie Marie

  13. Happy New Year, Nellie! Your recipes and book recommendations always puts a smile on my face!

  14. Looks very yummy!! Thanks for sharing!! ,

  15. Your souffle looks delicious, Nellie!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2014 will be a year of happiness and good health!

  16. Going to try this one, it sounds very good! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Mmmmmmm. That sounds delish! Susan