Friday, December 13, 2013

One of my favorites....

Happy Friday to you!  Are you looking forward to the week-end?  Do you have some special activities planned?

Books have always been of great importance to me.  In the classroom, I encouraged the students to find books that were interesting to them.  One way of doing this was to read to the class daily from a book that had relevance to what we might be studying, or one that might be suitable for the season.

One of my favorites that I would read as this season began was The Velveteen Rabbit.  This was one of my favorite stories, and I have a favorite version I would like to share with you today.

This one is illustrated by Tien.

While the story, of course, is the same, I think the illustrations give extra charm to this book by Margery Williams.  My copy was printed in 1983.

You are probably familiar with the story.  It begins with a gift at Christmas.

The velveteen rabbit was in the boy's stocking.

I love the illustrations.

The rabbit became "real" in the story.
I could not tell you whether this particular edition is still available, though I know you would be able to find a book from some source.  If you have need to find something for a read-aloud session with children, I recommend this one!

Now - to the announcement of the person who will receive a subscription to Martha's magazine.  The Husband was my loyal assistant,:-) and Susie of SheJunks is the winner!  Congratulations, Susie!  Please email me with your information for the subscription.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Congratulations, Susie! I'm sure you and Martha will come up with some marvelous ideas during the coming year! :-)

    I truly do love these illustrations in this book, Nellie! I have always enjoyed books that allow me to look at the pictures, and I have not outgrown that at all! Have a lovely day!

  2. Nellie, I just now found out I won. Yippee. Thank you so much. xoxo,Susie

  3. I love the Velveteen Rabbit story. The illustrations are beautiful...
    Congratulations to Susie for winning.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  4. I love the illustrations! I have a couple of different "Velveteen Rabbit" books.

  5. Congratulations to Susie!!

    I remember that book from years gone by.

  6. Lucky Susie!!
    What wonderful illustrations!
    I have a coloring book that I've colored with the Velveteen Rabbit story.

  7. What a lovely book, Nellie.
    I remember our fourth grade teacher reading a book to us on a daily basis. It was a fascinating experience.
    I like your approach. Your students are lucky.

  8. Great illustrations with this wonderful book! Our 2 year old grandson loves to be read to, but he's a little young for this. This will be perfect for him later!

  9. I have a copy somewhere from the 1980s, but different from yours. It was a favorite to read to my children when they where young.