Monday, February 10, 2014

The week-end....

Happy Monday to you!  This is the beginning of a new week.  How does the week ahead look for you?  The weather has certainly been much in the news.  If you have been buried with snow, does it seem like it will be letting up for you this week?

It was a busy week-end here.  I was out-of-town for a Conference UMW Executive Committee meeting for part of the week-end.  The weather forecast had been a bit indefinite about our chance of some "wintry weather," but the meeting was able to proceed as scheduled, thankfully.  The United Methodist Women are all about missions, and it was good to have a week-end for planning our various directions.  I returned by Saturday evening after spending time among some very dedicated women.

On Saturday night, The Husband and I were able to attend a dance in honor of the Chinese New Year that was sponsored by the small town nearby.  This was the second such dance, last year's being for the Year of the Snake, and this one for the Year of the Horse.  There were several friends who also attended, and it was good to have time to catch up some with them.

On Sunday, we attended worship with the Country Couple (Country Girl and Country Man) at the country church where they were married.  Afterward we enjoyed going out to eat lunch at a nearby Cracker Barrel. 

So - it seems like the week-end passed in a bit of a whirl.  Include some time spent to fine-tune a book review that I am scheduled to give this week, plus some wonderful Facetime with Munchomom and family, and the week-end was quite full!  Oh - also of interest to The Husband was the PGA tournament at Pebble Beach.  It appeared to be a little cold there!  Also, it is cold where the Olympics are being held!  I admire these athletes for making the sacrifices they have had to make in order to be able to compete at this level.  Their accomplishments are just amazing!

I have been missing from my blog rounds for a few days because of the schedule.  Hopefully I will be making it back before too long.  Thank you for hanging on with me.
Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Nellie, Hope your week is a good one. We are having very cold temperatures for the first part of this week. I have been colder I am sure...but the older I get the harder it is on my bones.brrr.
    The sun is shining and that just lifts my spirits. xoxo,Susie

  2. Good morning! You certainly have been busy, but that is no surprise to me. You have found many ways to make retirement seem like a blur of activity, and I commend you for that! For me, I get up, spend some time on the computer, take a nap, then some more time on the computer, etc. HA!!! Have a lovely day, Sister!

  3. Hi Nellie, you are a busy bee. I can understand why you haven't been at the computer making your rounds. I hope that you take some time to relax.

    Your mission work seem to energize you.
    Have a great week and keep warm

    It's still cold here but we have sunny skies.

  4. Wow you were really busy. It sounds nice, I hope you get to have a bit of down time this week.
    I am behind in visiting as well. That is what I have been trying to do.

  5. You are such a busy lady Nellie!

    We are 7 below this morning but our temps are to start moderating some on Thursday, maybe even see a 30 degree day.

  6. Nice to hear you had such a busy and nice weekend.
    It snows just about every day here so I'm sure we will be getting more.

  7. Hi Nellie , what a busy weekend you had , the best part is you enjoyed it . Not to worry dear Nellie , we all needs a little time out , so don't worry we will be here . Have a great week , keep warm and see you tomorrow ;-D thanks for sharing :)

  8. Oh really are a busy lady!! Bless you for all you do! And how nice to be able to enjoy yourselves with your friends also! AND having lunch at Cracker Barrel...I'm eating my heart Love them! Be safe..I know some parts of your state are to get some snow😟


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  10. You had a fun weekend. I've got some things planned for this week, but I'm keeping the planning light because of the weather. We've got ice predicted for later in the week. Take good care!

  11. You have been a busy girl, Nellie. Glad you got to go to the dance and catch up with your friends. How nice, too, that you could go to church and lunch with your daughter and SIL.

    Good luck with your book review and don't overdo. I think you need to take a day of rest this week sometime. xo Diana

  12. Oh wow you have had quite a lot going on. You're going to need a nap. And also, I am now craving Cracker Barrel :)