Monday, March 23, 2015

A "sneak preview...."

A new option for grocery shopping is opening in our area.

We attended the "sneak preview" last Friday.  The suggested donation per person was to benefit a local food bank.

Whole Foods is all about good environmental practices.  If a shopper brings in reusable bags for grocery purchases, a credit of 10 cents per bag is given on the grocery total!

In this goody bag that we received were some attractive items.

The 365 is the store brand for Whole Foods.  This would be a good start to the day!

There is always a need for pasta sauce, but it will be best with -

For a vegetarian, this is all that is needed for the meal!

Coupons are always good!

With this map of the store it will be easy to find what we want!

I predict a large crowd will be present for this event!


  1. I'm sure you are right about the crowds! I just wish this place were closer to our end of town, but I guess we just need to enjoy what we have here. Enjoy your Monday, Sister, and rest up for that Grand Opening tomorrow! :-)

  2. We have one near us, very expensive grocery shopping is what it is! Hope yours isn't so high priced!

  3. How fun!! Will you be going there often? It looks like nice things there.

  4. What fun! Enjoy browsing and shopping!

  5. It sounds like a nice store to buy organic food and it's a plus also that they are environmentally responsible.
    I hope that you enjoy shopping there.


  6. I don't have one of these close, but two of my boys do and they shop there pretty often!

  7. Oh- Aren't you lucky??? I wish we had one of those here. I would even settle for a Trader Joe's. xo Diana

  8. Nellie, I have noticed that organic is pricier . It cost to eat healthy. But I do think some food packers are catching on...they use less sugars and salt. That helps. We have one big grocery and one high priced meat market/grocery. You can get some things at the dollar store also. Hope you like shopping there. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. it sleeted enough to cover the ground and drives. Yuck.

  9. Looks like a great store. Wish there was one around here.

  10. Orange Park has a Whole Foods. It's too far for me to drive. The traffic in Orange Park is terrible. I have been to the flagship store of Whole Foods. It was wonderfully splendiferous. We now have a Trader Joe's in Jacksonville, but of course it's much too far from my house for me to go there. Damn, and double damn.


  11. Wow, Nellie. We have one but not that close.