Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Still September....

While we are seeing lots of these popping up all over -- is still September.  Well, the last day, anyway.:-)

The following pictures show September at our place.  

That knock-out rose bush just keeps blooming!

These grape tomatoes "volunteered" from the compost bin!

The strawberries are still blooming - here....

....and here!

Making a new appearance, though, is this --

I had wanted some Morning Glories, though I fear this one is going to "choke out" other things that are nearby!  

It is still much like late summer here.  How about where you are?


  1. I have always enjoyed your knock-out rose bush, and even have a picture of it that I took one Thanksgiving, still in full bloom! The rest of your plants are looking very healthy, too, and you are blessed with those "volunteer" grape tomatoes. They must have known that they were in the Volunteer state! Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sister!

  2. My Dad's knockout rose bush is still blooming too. And I planted morning glories at our previous house and you are right, they get a bit aggressive! It got a little chilly overnight here, it's 52 degrees right now! Enjoy those berries!

    Cindy Bee

  3. I think that rose bush is so pretty. My Morning Glories do the same thing but they are so easy to take out I never worry. We have clouds, but the rain as the weather man says, evaporates before it hits the ground. :) It is going to be so much cooler today though. So it is bliss. Have a lovely day today Nellie.

  4. Nellie, so glad to see things still growing. Your roses are so pretty. I would bring some inside. Boy this month went so quickly. All the wonderful festivals too. There's some coming up though. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. I like the look of September at your house!!!
    The morning glories here are annuals,,I have to plant them every year,,

  6. Well your flowers are still pretty. I cannot believe it is October soon. Summer went too fast. Hug B

    1. I forgot to say it has been raining every day this week.The temps are dropping fast. My flowers are not as pretty:) Hug B

  7. September is looking good over your way. : )
    It seems like fall here by me. Lots of leaves are changing now, though today it was a little warmer than usual.
    The knock out roses in my yard are still blooming too.

  8. Goodness gracious, tomatoes, strawberries, roses, etc. really liking your weather! I'd say that's a great thing!

  9. Today was low to mid sixties, I think. Cloudy at times, then beautifully sunny. I started washing the windows today. Two down.