Thursday, December 1, 2011

Berries and More

Happy December 1 to everyone!  A new month brings about new ideas, and this is the first post to my blog!  I have thought about doing this for quite some time, and never felt like I was completely "ready."
So, this site will probably be "tweaked" along the way, a "work in progress," if you please.:-)

There are many ways we all enter this wonderful season of Advent - the time before Christmas.  One of the ways the United Methodist Women at my church observe the season is by hosting an event called
"Advent By Candlelight."  Women in the church are given the opportunity to host tables.  This involves taking table settings, linens, centerpieces, and that ever-important dessert!  There is time given to allow those who wish to attend to register, then table assignments are made.  This event was held this past Tuesday, and I want to show you a "re-enactment" of how one - one which I hosted - of the 30+ tables looked.  I really want the photo to be here, but it has appeared at the beginning of this posting.:-)
Some more things I need to learn.:-)  Perhaps some of you readers will be able to help me.:-)

That is about all I'll try for this time.  Be sure to return, because improvements are SURE to be made!:-)


  1. Oh Nellie..I am so excited to see that you have decided to write a blog! You are so gifted in your writings..I just know your blog will be one that lots of people (myself included) will enjoy following!! smile...

    Your table setting was beautiful and how lucky those people were to be able to sit at your table!

    xoxo Gert

  2. Hi, Nellie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't know if you use a PC or a Mac. I have a PC but I don't post using Blogger. I mean, Blogger is my platform (it's the host of my blog) but I work on my posts using Windows Live Writer. It's a free download, then it automatically sets up to fit your blog parameters. I love it because I can make my photos any size I want (if I remember correctly, blogger only has 3 sizes to choose from), and I can put them wherever I want. Welcome to blogging ~