Friday, April 12, 2013

A favorite past time....

Happy Friday to everyone.  Does it seem that the time passes as quickly for you as it seems to pass for me?

A favorite past time for us when our girls were young was reading.  In addition to the books we had in the house, there were weekly trips to the public library, which resulted in bringing back home a shopping bag full of books every time.  The library staff was always happy to see me come in because they knew I would help their circulation numbers.:-)

There are not many of our own books remaining from those days.  Our oldest daughter was 20 months old when she welcomed her twin sisters, so our books quickly became well-read  - and well-loved.  Here are a few examples.

Sent by a good friend at the birth of City Girl's sisters.

It is missing the back cover!

Also well-loved stories.

Held together by tape.

No front cover or first page.

Thankfully there is a good recap.

No back cover, either!

Well, that's the latest from here.:-)  I hope you have a good Friday!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I had some of those same books for my children when they were small. Precious memories.

  2. i remember some of those books. good memories!

  3. enjoy those great books, what memories!

  4. Wonderful books with great illustrations! I think us "grown-ups" miss out on the lovely pictures these days. Have a happy day, Sister! :-)

  5. My girls loved the library and we also had lots of books at home! I still have some I saved and a few have gone to Tiger but I have some books still to gift him when he is a bit older.
    hugs, Linda

  6. Ahhhh, well loved and well used books. Perfect. Just picking them up, must conjure up so many, many happy memories. :-)

  7. My books like that are well loved too. I keep trying to pass them on to each child that loved a particular book. I love watching my grand children love the same book their parents did. Your oldest daughter was only 20 months when your twins arrived? My third and fourth were 20 months apart and I was hopping. But my oldest two were older.

  8. wonderful books with great ilustration and a lovely memories!!!!
    wish you a nice weekend,
    love and hugs regina

  9. Nellie, When my daughters married and moved from home, they took their old books , grade cards and toys with them. If I still had them and looked at them...I would cry a river. I remember when I had two of the same books, and my twins would sit together and pretend to read those books. Enjoy the nice days ahead and you are right our lifes have wings since I retired.xoxo,Susie

  10. Great books there. My kids had lots of books too and one loved to read and the other didn't.
    We made and still make many trips to the library!
    It amazes me how many books the library allows
    you to take home at home one time. Something like 35!!!

  11. I still have some of the little Golden Books from when I was a child myself and some from when the kids were little- Don't you love them? xo Diana

  12. Beautiful post, Nellie. I always love our trips to the library. (It is National Library Week, by the way).

  13. That "Baby Dear" looks awfully sweet, Nellie. I can't imagine anyone writing that type of thing nowadays, unfortunately.

  14. Hello Nellie... and thank you so much for visiting me!... I love children's books!... I still have many from when I was a little girl, over fifty years ago!... and I still love to read them!... I guess I will always be a little girl!... Happy Birthday to all of your family members who are celebrating this month!... xoxo Julie Marie