Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Signs of spring....

There are some signs of spring in our area.

Bradford pear trees.

This was the scene on Good Friday as we were on our way to church.  These trees are part of the landscaping at a school in the area.

A pear tree in our yard.

This is not a Bradford pear tree, but an actual tree that hopefully will give us a pear or two this season.:-)

More blooms....

....and others

.....still more.

The Husband is hoping to have a peach or two - maybe even a little apple - from these trees in the next year or two.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Oh I love seeing all of this, don't you? I notice the oaks are starting to have tiny green leaflets! Of course that means copious amounts of yellow pollen and then...the "tassels" that fall and turn into huge tumbleweeds up and down the streets and in the yards around town. Anyehere there are oak trees there are tumbleweeds of their "tassels" this time of year. Gutter chokers but...that is the way it is.

    Our Bradford pears in town are about done I think. Or perhaps that is the crabapple I am thinking of.

  2. Hi Nellie....Oh, isn't it exciting to see the little buds on trees and bushes? We know that soon we will be surrounded by green.

    Thanks for all your faithful visits and comments on my blog. Always so nice to see you stopped by. Susan

  3. Flowering trees are one of God's true beauties. I love them. Hope you are having a nice day. I've been cleaning house and had to take a break. xoxo,Susie

  4. It is wonderful to see such lovely signs of spring.

  5. It is looking like Spring there, Nellie. I love your little trees. Won't it be fun to see them bear fruit? xo Diana

  6. It is really becoming springlike around here, for sure! I am always amused that the dogwoods and crepe myrtles have their own schedule for blooming, regardless of the dates that are set for that annual festival in town! I'm sure it will be a great scene once everything bursts forth at the same time! Have a lovely day! :-)

  7. It looks wonderful Nellie. I am so glad spring is there.

  8. exciting to have the first fruit , I sure wish we were more spring like, we are not, thank you for the visit and the kind words today, take care and enjoy your beautiful fruit trees, imagine a peach tree, that would be wonderful, its too cold here for peach trees,

  9. How fun to have fruit trees. We had a apple tree but lost it during last years hurricane.


  10. The Bradford pear trees are so pretty. They have such a perfect shape to them.