Monday, April 1, 2013

On this day.....

.....a number of years ago,

                                           I became a "big sister!"

I will not mention the "number.":-)  My sister follows this blog and makes comments, so if she wants "the world" to know, I will leave that up to her!:-)

Happy birthday, Glenda!

When she was three.

I wish you many more happy birthdays!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Happy Birthday to her!

  2. what a cute kid! happy birthday to tyhe big sister!

  3. Happy birthday to Glenda. Nellie I love my little sisters too. That is a sweet photo of yours. Hope you get to be near her or talk with her today. xoxo,Susie

  4. Happy Birthday to your sister. What a cute photo!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Glenda, and I am sure you are an awesome big sis. xo

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Glenda and just think how thoughtful your big sister is for leaving out the numbers... Maybe she knows what goes around, comes around, lol...

  7. Thank you, Nellie, for these good wishes, and thanks to everyone else! I am turning 70 today, and am quite happy that I've had these years to try to do something worthwhile---not that I've always succeeded! My dear sister was going to treat me to supper today, but my hubby is sick, and our car is behaving badly, so we'll reschedule that meal later on, I'm sure. That is a cute little girl in that picture....what a shame she had to grow up! Thank you again, everyone! :-)

  8. Happy Seventieth Birthday, Glenda!

  9. happy birthday to sister Glenda! hope your husband is feeling better! ok lets get on with spring now! love all your mugs on your shelf, easter decor and books! enjoy your evening!

  10. Happy Birthday to Glenda... I read that she is turning 70... I will be 71 in August!!!! The 70's are wonderful years, I have heard!!!!! Yeah!

    Cute picture of her.