Friday, June 7, 2013

A local author....

Happy Friday to you!  Have you had a busy week?  Are you anticipating the week-end ahead?

There are several authors who come from this area.  One whose children's books I have enjoyed is Libba Moore Gray. now deceased.  I am featuring one of her books on today's blog.

The Little Black Truck

Fulfilling many purposes.
 Well, I had a series of pictures that I had planned to show from the book this morning.  When I posted them, they were not in the correct form!  Interesting!!

Anyway, this book traces the life of the "little black truck" as it fulfills many purposes.  When the truck is abandoned, it becomes the home for birds and other life from the woods.  Discovered years later, it is restored, and once again it becomes the bearer of the harvest.

The illustrations are by Elizabeth Sayles.

Some of  Libba Moore Gray's books are available through Amazon. 

I hope you have a pleasant day!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. What a sweet idea, for a children's book. I must look for this, in the library... To read to Gabe when he comes over. :-)

    Thank you for continuing to share book titles with us!!!!!!!

  2. I'll bet this is a wonderful book to read, especially with such adorable pictures! There are many "little black trucks" in yards near us, and I often wonder whether anyone would be willing to restore them, rather than just leaving them as junk. I don't even think that birds would want to nest in some of them!! Have a lovely day!

  3. Have you ever visited Elisabeth Sayles blog? I love her artwork. I found it one day and I just love to look at her latest work. That book sounds like a nice one. Kind of like " Hitty her First Hundred Years" Did you ever read that one? By Rachel Field? I love books like that.
    Have a nice weekend, will you get any rain from Andrea?

  4. What a wonderful book, I am always in search of beautiful children's books and this one seems to be one to find. Thank you!

  5. That sounds like a book that my grandson would love. Anything with wheels gets his attention.

    I hope that you'll be sheltered from Andrea's rain.
    Have a great weekend reading.


  6. Sounds like a good one and I LOVE the illustrations! I've always wondered why abandoned things, like houses, vehicles, etc. seem to decay more quickly. Maybe that's what happened to my brain. Use it, or lose it.

    Happy Friday, Nellie.

  7. What a lovely book with some great pictures!!

  8. The book sounds enchanting.

  9. I enjoy finding good children's books authors and illustrators, Nellie. This looks like a charming book!

  10. I so love children's books and have started buying them for my wayy in the future someday grands:)