Saturday, June 8, 2013


Do you remember those initials?  Or - something similar?  TWTWTW - This Was The Week That Was - is my recap of the past week here.  Perhaps you will be able to understand why I am happy we have a week-end.:-)

The pictures I have to share come from last Sunday.

Shared earlier, from the Country Couple's creek overflowing.

Frodo thought the water was his personal water dish.

The chickens were happily clucking about.
Diesel, the barn cat, was not cooperative about posing.

Country Girl had baked a Mulberry Pie!

When we left the Country Couple's place, we headed on to the site of our Sunday School class picnic.

The view from the deck of this house....

....with this lovely stone chimney!

Two members of our Sunday School class have "cabins" on adjoining lots, so there was a lot of room for us to mingle.

Some of the seating provided.

An interesting sculpture.

A common sight from our area.

Years ago, when I was growing up and we would be traveling, it wasn't unusual for barns along the highway to have this "directive."  This was a popular tourist site in those days.

So - last Sunday rather set off the week.  City Girl came by on her way back to her place from a trip to NC.  She was here on Sunday evening until Monday afternoon, leaving about the time I left for my Circle meeting on Monday night. (This is after I had prepared lunch during the day for the adult day care at my church).  Tuesday morning I delivered the food, then went to the Senior Center for bridge.  After bridge, I returned to church to enjoy lunch with the day care participants.  From there, it was off to the hairdresser for a hair cut.

Tuesday evening, we attended the funeral for a neighbor who passed away last Saturday evening.  She was 85, also suffered from Alzheimer's, and her husband had been her care giver until two months ago.

Wednesday was the day the chorus performed at the Senior Center.  On late Thursday afternoon, we once again performed for a group meeting at a church.  The Country Couple surprised me by coming into town for that performance.  I had to really hustle after the performance, though, as I was scheduled to give a UMW program at a church sort of in the same general area.

On Friday morning, I was off to my First Friday bridge group.  Pretty decent cards, for once.:-)

Then, I have successfully faxed in the book order for the Conference Mission Education Event in July!

Now - I am glad to have a week-end!  There is nothing on the schedule!!  How rare is that?!?  Perhaps there will be some time to read.:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Well, now I'm exhausted!! Your schedule amazes me! Those are some lovely scenes from the Country Couple's home, especially the barn kitty, who was obviously taking a break from those duties and enjoying a sit in a chair. Enjoy your day today, and don't feel obligated to do anything! :-)

  2. sorry for the loss of your neighbor, what amazing photos, and a great event! Beautiful spot, i love the cat, what a great name! Th pie sounds yummy!

  3. have a wonderful relaxing weekend! you deserve it!

  4. I hope you have a lovely peaceful weekend Nellie. You deserve it.

    The pie looks yummy!

  5. Wow- You really had a full week, Nellie. You sure keep yourself busy. That cabin and the view are stunning. I bet that was fun visiting there with your group.
    I have never had Mulberry pie but it sure looks good- xo Diana

  6. Hi - wow a full but happy week! Your church gathering sounds like a lot of fun. I haven't visited your blog for a while - need to get over to say hi more often. Enjoy a restful weekend.

  7. Now it's time for you to slow down. I'm getting dizzy just reading your week.

    I hope the water receeded. It's raining cats and dogs here today.


  8. Wow what a lovely week. What nice photos. That Mulberry pie looks wonderful.
    I hope you get a bit of rest today.

  9. Nellie, do you have any idea how many memories that "See Rock City" brings back!!! OH MY GOSH!

  10. A busy but pleasant week. Beats sitting around with nothing to do. : )
    Sounds like your enjoying life!!

  11. See Rock City. Oh, yes. An oldfriend. Love seeing the mulberry pie too. Looks delicious.

    I could not wait and had my cooked greenbeans and red potatoes for lunch. Then, too many sweet strawberries and I find I have foundered! Next, I will buy too many red cherries and wind up foundered again. Once I start on them, I eat nothing else all day but cherries. I must have a wore crossed.

  12. What lovely places to have a gathering.

    Yummmmm... that pie!

    You are so full of energy, to do all this, in a week!!!!!!! Good for you!

  13. Glad the rain stopped, finally. Pie looks so good. Never tasted mulberries. Sorry to hear about your neighbor, it was a good age, though. Hope her husband is holding on ok. xo

  14. hello nellie,
    what a lovely week. and the mulberry pie looks delicious. i have never eat mulberries.
    have a nice week,

  15. We've had tons of rain here lately.