Thursday, June 27, 2013

The vegetable garden....

Most of  you know that we have had a very rainy year.  In fact, we have over 13 inches more rain than is normal for this point in the year.  Consequently, we have been delayed in the start of our vegetable garden.

Well, finally, on June 1, the garden spot was dry enough to be turned, so a very helpful neighbor came to do that for us.  Immediately, there was more rainfall!:-) 

Miraculously, The Husband has been able to plant a few things.

Green beans!

Sweet pepper plans.

Banana pepper plants.

Even the corn is coming up!

One thing is certain, when sun and rainfall combine, things will grow!:-)  The potatoes have come up, though I have no picture of that.  Once things begin to grow, everything happens quickly!  I will try to keep you caught up on the progress.

We are organic gardeners and do not use any pesticide on the garden.  Hopefully we will have no problems this year.  DH enriched the soil with compost from our compost bin, and scattered dry leaves on top for more enriching.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Best wishes with your garden. Fingers crossed that you still have a productive year of crops. We gave up with our garden this year. Too many projects, a long road trip and the never ending deer and Mr. Ground that make themselves daily salads had us postponing the garden. Next year, we will be more prepared.

  2. Your garden looks better than mine and you will soon be picking some beans. My daughter's garden on the other side of my hedge is growing so well but I still have not planted my 4 tiny tomatoes yet.

    It's very cool today and wet.

    We used to have a little hot house that my husband had put up over one section of our garden but it was removed when we needed to dig up a deep well.

    Gardening as not been the same since.


  3. Your DH always does a great job with his gardening skills, and I'm sure the summer will bring forth many wonderful items from this lovely garden! It surely looks as if everything is off to a great start! Have a marvelous day, dear Sister, even with the storms that are predicted. :-)

  4. it's so good to see things growing! we finally are getting rain and we sure do need it. i can almost watch my veggies grow!

  5. Gardens are late here too. For about 3 years I have bought a share in a co-op farm venture. Usually we start getting deliveries the first of June but this was the first week anything was ready.

  6. Your produce must be fantastic. Safe, and as good as it can get.


  7. I don't eat peppers of any kind, although my Dad always grew them in his garden. Potatoes, corn and green beans... now you're speaking my language!

  8. Looks like you have a great garden started there!! Hope it all continues to grow.

  9. Nellie, It won't be long before you'll have lots of veggies to eat. we didn't even put out a tomato plant this year.Sad. xoxo,Susie

  10. Hi Nellie,

    Thanks so much for your sweet words. Thank goodness for Aloe vera. I have been using it on the shingles three or four times a day. My plant is almost leafless now.

    So glad you're organic gardeners too. That is how the world should be.

    Sending love and asking you to share some rain,

    Sharon with shingles

  11. Congratulations on your vegetable garden, Nellie! It looks interesting. I also like to keep them organic. No pesticides. I also love composting.

  12. You have a nice start, Nellie. I never got a thing planted this spring and now it is too late- well, except for lettuce and the many rabbits we have would dine nicely on that. Praying for the right amount of rain and sun for you- xo Diana

  13. So glad you finally have things coming up! I know you have waited forever to get in there. We use no pesticides on ours, either. Just 7 dust on the roses if they get hit hard.
    I do not want it on the food.
    Hope you get just enough rain through the season to make it all grow big and strong!