Thursday, June 6, 2013

I know better....

....than to hit "Publish" before I have thoroughly done the proofreading!  Good grief!  Where is spell check when you need it?:-)  I know very well how to spell "strawberries!"  I apologize for the error in the title of the last post!

Once we had made all those strawberry goodies, we knew we had to have some help in the enjoyment of them.:-)  The Husband had the idea to call the very same neighbor who had been the bearer of the strawberries.

The tray!

It was a rather last-minute invitation, and we were very pleased they could come!  We were able to enjoy sitting outside on the patio, a surprise considering how warm the day had been.  The real treat was topping the strawberry cobbler with a scoop of strawberry ice cream!:-)  We also had fresh lemonade.  It was a perfect summer time treat!

I hope you are finding ways to enjoy the summer.  I am not a huge fan of heat and humidity, so this is not exactly my favorite season.  However, if we didn't have these good changes in the season, our vegetable gardening would surely not be possible.

The Husband spent some time yesterday staking the tomato plants.  We actually have a few small tomatoes on them!  Did I mention that he has set them out around the asparagus patch?  They are really looking good!

Also, we have been able to salvage some of these from the birds.

A cherry!

We haven't "saved" many, and they are certainly not naturally sweet.:-)  We will try to stay ahead of the birds better next year.

There was rain yesterday afternoon, and more is in the forecast for today and tomorrow.  

I send wishes to you for a good Thursday!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. For a teacher a spelling mistake is a thing of horror but I never even noticed it. The mind can recognize words that are only half spelled anyway.
    Yeah, where is spell check. I've noticed that too. Mine is set on automatic but it only works when I notice that I've misspelled a word and I prompt it. It no longer highlight the mispelled word to let us know that we have mispelled a word.

    Have a great day.

  2. That's so funny Nellie. Yesterday I was leaving a comment about Hellmann's mayonnaise on someone's blog and before I realized it I hit publish and Hellmann's was spelled with only one N. Oh gosh was I embarrassed. (just had to use spell check for embarrass:)

    An impromptu get together is always fun. Sheer pleasure without all the stress.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    P.S. The Picnic Game is quite easy to play. Each player picks a letter of the alphabet and cooks or bakes up something which begins with that letter. Then they post it on their blog with the words; I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing...Just like the game children play. Let me know if you're interested and I'll explain the rest.

  3. I have so many typos in my blog and Katies that I have given up and keep my head hidden in embarrasment. (did I get it right?)

  4. -chuckle- Never learned to really spell, so worry -not about me.

    I don't love heat/humidity either. I'd never make it, living in FL.

    How lovely to invite the giver over, to share in your makings, with his strawberries! Just lovely!!!

    Who-hooo... Staking tomatoes up. You are far ahead of us. :-)

  5. Congratulations on that one delightful cherry that you saved from the birds! I never noticed the "stawberries" either, until you mentioned it to me. Being on Facebook, I have become sort of dulled to misspelled words and poor grammar, so I try not to notice the mistakes of others. Oh, the fact that I'm not perfect helps a bit, too! :-) Great progress on those tomatoes! Have a wonderful day! :-)

  6. I wouldn't have even noticed it. I wonder why spell check doesn't work in the title part of the blog. I did a post when I first started blogging entitled. " My Son's Rectal." It should have said, " My Son's Recital." My daughter sent me a email mortified so it does happen.
    I had a tomato that was almost ripe and today it is missing, gone, not a trace. At least you were able to save some.
    That is the one good thing about hot weather tomatoes get ripe. So I am okay with that. I can't wait for fresh tomatoes.
    Your strawberry party sounds wonderful.
    Have a nice day today.

  7. You know that you can go back and change things in your blog after you publish it, don't you??? I do that ALOT when I find mistakes... BUT--most people don't care...

    We went to the little Farmers Market up here in the Glade yesterday --but were disappointed that they didn't have strawberries or tomatoes YET... Didn't have much --but we did go home with a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie... ha


  8. Those spur of the moment get togethers are sometimes the best times of all and with those yummy treats how can it miss!! : )

  9. i have to push myself to proof read and i always regret it when i don't. i can't wait for some good cherries around here!

  10. We're having a gulley washer here, complete with hail! I know how you feel and felt with all your rains.

  11. Strawberry cobbler and lemonade sounds so good.

  12. Hahaha, I didn't even notice so after I read this post I had to go back and look. Strawberries are just starting to come out here and they are extremely expensive this year. They are reporting some virus damaged 40% of the crops :(

  13. I never noticed the spelling error until you said something. I was so focused on your yummy food, that my eyes ignored everything but your delicious pictures!

  14. Nellie I often make typing mistakes when I blog and my husband finds them and points them out to me later. I call him my "editor"! Once I had so many mistakes I was afraid people would think I was tipsy when I wrote my was all because I was rushing to get it done before my granddaughter woke up from her nap. Computer time is limited for me these days because I'm so busy with her.