Monday, June 3, 2013

The week-end....

I hope you are having a good beginning to a new week!  Did the week-end pass quickly for you?

It was a full week-end here for  us.  I spent Saturday at a Conference UMW Budget meeting in a town an hour and a half away.  It was 7:45 when I left, and I was back home at 5:30.

This is some of the countryside I passed on the way from here to there.:-)  No, I wasn't trying to take pictures while driving THIS time.  I was fortunate enough to be riding with someone else.

We had over three inches of rain during the day on Sunday.  We were all hopeful the rain would not continue all day, and there was a break shortly after lunch.  We were headed to a Sunday School class picnic at a couple of cabins (next door to one another, and belonging to Sunday School class members) in the mountains, so we definitely didn't need rain on the guest list!:-)

On the way, however, we realized there had been heavy rainfall in the area where we were going.  A "detour" had been planned to drop in on the Country Couple for a few minutes.  When we reached their place, we found evidence of MUCH rainfall.

The creek had overrun its banks!

They even had their own waterfall!

We were able to go on up the driveway toward the house with no problem, though.  It was a short visit as we headed on toward the cabins for the picnic.

City Girl came by for Sunday night.  She was on her way back to her place from attending a seminar in NC.

Now - on THIS day - for me - I will be preparing lunch for the Adult Day Care participants and staff at our church - about 20 people or so.  This is for lunch on Tuesday.

Oh, I rather skipped over details about the picnic, didn't I?  That - and other pictures of the Country Couple's animals - will be the subject of future posts.  The next post will share what happened to THIS:

What could this be?

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. strawberry cake? we had about 2 drops of rain this whole spring and are as dry as a bone. it is awful! all i do is water.

  2. We had flash flood warnings last night and it's rainy today. Enjoying my cozy morning at home. I'm not sure what kind of cake you're making, but I know it will be good.

  3. That is a lot of flooding. I wonder what that is in your oven? It looks nice.
    I hope you have a lovely week.

  4. A pink cake!!!!!!!!!! Maybe?

    Sorry about the flooding. A feast or a famine, in weather, it seems.

  5. Oh my so much rain.
    My guess is cherry cake.

  6. Way too much rain for this time of year. I bet there will be shortage of food if this type of weather keeps on.

    That looks like a nice cake in your oven. I can almost smell it baking. Yummm.


  7. Well, being your sister has its advantages, as I already know what that is in your oven! I won't spill the beans, though, because I look forward to reading your posts each day just like everybody else! After hearing all the reports of increasing beef prices due to last summer's drought (and seeing some evidence of it myself), I'm hoping this rain will help some areas that were so dry last summer. Time will tell, I suppose, but that's one thing that makes farming such a difficult thing in many parts of our country. Have a wonderful afternoon!

  8. Sounds like a busy but great weekend, Nellie. We had 3 inches of rain early Sun. morning --but it quit mid-morning and we didn't get anymore all day long.. Turned cooler --and today is MARVELOUS.

    That cake looks delicious... Bet it's a strawberry cake --made with strawberries from your yard!!!!


  9. My goodness, was that not some RAIN I reckon! And it started the night before..continued all say and here we had more hard rain in the night again! We will be 2 ft. over in rain this year I swear!

  10. you weren't over here were you? Surely we aren't an hour and a half away though.

  11. Saturday was an all day dance recital, then we had rain early in the day Sunday. I'm sure glad it held off until Sunday!

  12. Well, I hope you didn't drop that lovely cake into all that standing water. I'd say you have had more than your share of rain!!! Hope you had a great day, Nellie- xo Diana

  13. You had a busy weekend, Nellie. Thanks for sharing these pictures...