Saturday, July 25, 2020

On the menu....

Back again guessed it!  More food!

It’s fair to say that all our lives have changed during these uncertain times.  Each of us copes with possible anxiety and worry in our own way.  For me, I seem to have settled on cooking.

Now, this is not a new area for me.  In fact, many of my posts pre-virus have been centered on food.  It seems only natural for me to spend some extra time planning and preparing, and the arrival of the weekend puts me to thinking about making something special.

Today was the day to think about breakfast, and this is how our day began....

Of course, there are leftovers, and we consider that a blessing!

I’ve also heard that today is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day, so I might have to include one of these....

Moving on to tomorrow, grilled ham steak, succotash, pasta salad, and blackberry velvet cake will be on the menu!  Update due next week!

It’s important to take care of ourselves during these days, and cooking helps me feel that things are almost “normal.”  You may have some special ways you work through these times.

I do have a question for my blogging friends.  How do you keep “spammy” comments from being tacked onto your blog posts?  This is becoming very annoying for me, and it’s one of the reasons I stopped blogging as often.

Good wishes to all for the remainder of your weekend!


  1. I don't get than many spam comments, but when I do I just delete them. I have comment moderation set for after 2 days. A lot of time the spam comments are on past posts so then they never show up on my blog.

  2. Your breakfast is first class, Nellie, as is your menu for tomorrow. Being in the kitchen is a comfort. I have to admit during the hot weather I am less likely to heat up the kitchen. My husband is great at the grill and we do enjoy meals prepared there.
    I have comment moderation set on my blog and must approve or delete comments if necessary.

  3. Nellie, you sound like me. And my husband is glad that I take comfort in making food because he finds a good meal to be a real morale booster during difficult times. I love the look of that beautiful breakfast! I have always had comment moderation enabled on my blog, so comments are not published until I have approved them. That helps me weed out the spam before it hits the blog.

  4. Not sure my comment went through. I'll check back.

  5. Good evening, Sister! I remember your catering days and all the positive comments you received from your clients. You have a knack for presentation, and that makes a huge difference when sitting down for a meal. During these days, since there's no one at home except me, I treat myself to a delivery order about once a week, and those meals normally last me for at least three meals! Not being a blogger, I have no suggestions for reducing/removing that spam, but I do see those comments when they come through, and I'm sure they're annoying and frustrating. Have a peaceful evening. Love you!

  6. I love seeing all your good food. Today's sermon was, in part, about how so many have turned to baking again, and how, at times, only 16lb sacks of flour direct from the mill were available.
    As for spam, it's why I have engaged comment moderation. Spam seems to come in spurts, and right now it's flowing in fast, but thanks to comment moderation nobody, other than me, sees it.

  7. Having a new kitchen has thrown me off my mojo. I am still muddling along though, It seems like it takes me forever to cook. Not having a garden now is pretty hard, but I will get that fixed pretty soon. I had to change my comments to moderate them first. That way, I see the spam first and I can delete it. Not perfect but it works.

  8. You should be a chef. The menu looks good.
    My way to cope with isolation is to pray and hope and not worry, just like St Padre Pio said.
    Working in the garden also help. Working in the dirt seems to ground me. I take precautions when I go out. Like it says in the Serenity prayer I change what I can and accept what I cannot change.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. This looks beautiful- thank you for sharing. It inspires me to try new recipes.