Thursday, October 15, 2020

Fall gardening....

 This has been a perfect time for a few gardening activities.  

We purchased these leaf lettuce seedlings and transplanted them into individual pots making it simple to have them in a close at hand location for harvesting.  Some has already been enjoyed!

This is a great time to plant bulbs that will give enjoyment in the spring!  Blue hyacinths along with grape hyacinths are in the ground!
In these unprecedented times, time in the kitchen and time outdoors have emerged as activities we are able to enjoy while we are following a “safe at home” policy.  The nursery where these bulbs were purchased has been happy to take our orders over the phone, then they bring the purchase to the car.  We had not done a lot of business with them pre-pandemic.  Their unhesitating willingness to work with us ensures that we will return when pandemic concerns ease.  

What about you?  Are you doing any fall gardening?  Are you discovering businesses who are willing to take that extra step?

Foremost, of course, is your health and safety!  The pace of COVID is not slowing here!  I hope you are still taking proper precautions for yourself and others!    


  1. Too many new cases of Covid all over. It's going to be a tough fall/winter. We still do the distancing, the wiping , washing, and absolutely the mask wearing. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. The words on everyone's lips: when this is over! My mask making is moving into making seasonally themed ones now, and I do wonder, even when this is over, if we will continue to use masks especially during cold and flu season, as they do in Asian countries. Makes so much sense. Tucking the garden to bed now, and like you making a list of the helpful businesses. Deb xo

  3. The pace of COVID is definitely not slowing.
    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  4. I've planted some bulbs that our neighbor gave us.

  5. There are many online businesses that we will definitely continue to use, Nellie. I've transplanted many fall blooming crocus that have popped up everywhere this year. There are many chores in the garden to tend to before the leaves take up most of our outdoor time. It's been beautiful here, so enjoying the garden is a pleasure. I'm glad you are doing the same.

  6. I need to get out and clean out all my summer gardening stuff. I am not sure if I will get any bulbs planted this fall or not.
    I hope you have a great upcoming weekend. xo Diana

  7. Good evening, Sister (and you're probably already in bed)! It's been a busy day for me, but no gardening here in my apartment. As you know, I expect to "plant" myself in a different location by the end of this month!! I do find most businesses willing to take the extra effort to make sure we're comfortable with our lives as they are. I continue to keep a mask and hand wipes handy at all times, such as when wiping down the handles of a shopping cart. We've seen a drastic increase in new cases this week in our state, so I'm doing my best to be extra careful when I have to be out and about. Your plants all look beautiful! Love you!