Friday, October 2, 2020

Late again, for my Friday Five....

 Once again, time has whizzed away from me.  Good intentions would have had this post much earlier.

1)  One thing I love is the bright blue sky during this season!  It just seems to be bluer than usual some days!

2)  Still on the subject of skies, it’s nice to live where there is no ground clutter and to be able to watch the sky in the evening.  These pictures were taken following that moon as it was on the journey to become full.

This view was taken just about a week before the moon was to be full.

This view was the night before the official date for the full moon.

3)  I love that I’m able to relax with my coffee in the mornings.  Did you know that Tuesday was National Coffee Day?

4)  I love working the puzzles in the newspaper each day....Jumble, Crossword, Celebrity Cipher, Boggle.  When I don’t complete the Sunday issue on Sunday, I will save it to work on Monday, along with all the others.

It helps me “ease into Monday!” LOL

5)  I love that chicken will keep on giving enjoyment!  Last Sunday’s chicken dinner has provided us with not only chicken and dumplings, but also this favorite creamed chicken in a cornbread ring!

Do you still have your ring molds from years ago?  I have held onto mine, and they have been useful more than once through the years.  They make terrific ice rings for punch bowls!

The past twenty-four hours has certainly been packed with news of all kinds!  Do you sometimes feel like you are on “news overload?”

One thing that is certain, COVID-19 is currently very much a part of our world.  Be responsible and respectful of yourself and others and wear a mask.  Avoid large gatherings.  Practice social distancing.  Wash your hands often!  Be safe, and stay well!  Be sure to have your flu shot!  We took care of that here this week. 

Back tomorrow with something all about food, of course!  That has seemed to be my focus during this time of staying safe at home.  It’s what I know best during the past almost eight months.  

Rest easy and well!


  1. Oh, Sister! I LOVE your Friday posts! You've listed some of my favorites, too. I do still have my ring mold, along with my Bundt pan and some other assorted molds/"strange" pans, but I rarely use them any more. Just don't do that style of cooking very often these days, but I sure do love to eat what others prepare! Take care of yourself. Love you!

  2. I bought metal ring pans/moulds when I lived in America and still have them, but, alas, they are too big for my tiny, old fashioned British oven. I live in hope of one day being able to afford a bigger oven. What a grand idea, to use the ring as an edible dish! We do it with a fruit flan, so why not a savoury version? When the sky is blue, it brings such immense joy, lifting the spirits so high.

  3. I love the blue skies and the full moon pictures. Yes, we got our flu shots Monday . Ted was allowed to get one this year. We are doing our best to stay healthy. Wiping things constantly, wearing masks when we go to get meds or food. Staying pretty much to ourselves, and we do puzzles too. Love to get the puzzles in the papers. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. The second picture is my favorite. Blue skies look beautiful especially with some pretty white clouds.

  5. Well, Sister, I'm not sure what happened to the comment I made last night, but I'll try again. I love your Friday posts, and you've shown us some beautiful pictures of your sky! I hope to be sharing some of your East TN sky by this time next month! I, too, still have my ring mold and my Bundt pan, though I don't use them much these days. I hate to get rid of them, because I know that I'd need them as soon as I no longer have them! Isn't life strange?!? Have a wonderful Saturday. Love you!

  6. Your blue sky photos are so lovely, Nellie. You are lucky to have the uninterrupted views from your home. We have a lot of trees so sometimes I walk into the road to view the celestial bodies above me. I'm trying very hard to stay positive these days. Sending you well wishes, my friend. xo

  7. Well, Sister, let's try this again, since my comments apparently aren't getting to you! I love your Friday posts, and this one has some gorgeous pictures of your E TN sky, which I hope to see for myself by the end of this month! I do still have my ring mold, but I haven't used it in quite some time. Might have to dust it off and try this idea. Sounds delicious! Have a glorious SONday! Love you!