Saturday, October 31, 2020

On the menu....

 Happy Halloween!  How are things going where you are on this last day in October 2020? 

We have had sunshine here all day, and the frost that was expected overnight didn’t find us here, though it has been cool outdoors.

We have word that there will be a “Parade of Spooks” on our street later today.  Our residential area isn’t large....only one the spooks won’t have far to go on their parade.  We’re told that they will all be wearing masks.

It has been in my plans to prepare a Halloween breakfast, part of which required beginning on Friday evening.

This was the beginning of Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal, steel cut oats with a bit of cinnamon in the slow cooker overnight.
This is the first appearance this morning....
....and this is after adding the pumpkin and giving it a needed stir for the cinnamon to be absorbed.

A recipe for Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts has been in my file for a few years.  I finally decided that today was the day to try it.

It was the first time I had used my doughnut pans, and they worked really well!

After adding a little bacon, breakfast was served!
Oh, I also added a few walnuts on top of my oatmeal, and that Pumpkinhead cup was soon full of coffee! 

For Sunday Lunch, there will be Gold Medal Chicken Breast, a recipe that uses stuffing mix, candied sweet potatoes (probably), and peas.  Of course, there is always dessert! 

I will be back Monday with an update.

My wish for you, as always, is that you make wise decisions for your safety and that you stay well!


  1. Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal sure looks delicious, Nellie. Steel cut oats are the best. Your doughnuts look wonderful as well.
    We placed a wooden bowl full of candy outside for any ghosts and goblins that may visit. We didn't want to be handing out candy exposing ourselves. We live in a neighborhood where most of the children are all grown up, so we don't usually get many trick or treaters. Stay safe and well, dear Nellie.

  2. Not sure if I'd like pumpkin oatmeal! :)
    We had a cold, clear, sunny day here in western MD.

  3. Hello, Love Bug. You are creating delicious food, as usual. Those doughnuts look delicious. I used to make baked doughnuts, but I didn't have any special pans for them. I didn't even know that there's such a thing as doughnut pans.


  4. Pumpkinilicious! Wish my Crockpot wasn't so big, too big I think for making just a couple of servings, but it sure looks good, and the pumpkin doughnuts are something else! Stay safe and well, dear friend! xo

  5. A parade of spooks! I hope you enjoyed it, Nellie. An amusing neighborhood event. We had snow Friday, which is not our usual thing. It's gone now. :)

  6. Well, Sister, I tried to enter a comment from this laptop, but Blogger doesn't recognize me, so let's try again! Everything looks and sounds delicious, and I'm eager to learn about that yummy dessert! Hope you're staying warm on this chilly Sunday - gonna be even colder tonight. Love you!