Friday, March 8, 2013

Books for this season....

Happy Friday to you!  Are you glad to have a week-end coming up?

Yes, there are books for this season around here.

Just the right size.

You may be hearing some words of Irish wisdom, or something about myths and legends between now and March 17.

I think the cover is beautiful....  

...and the illustrations continue through the book.

"Saint Patrick and the Peddler" is written by Margaret Hodges with paintings by Paul Brett Johnson. The story is about a kind but poor peddler who is visited three times in his dreams by St. Patrick with the order that he was to travel to the city of Dublin.  Great things await the peddler if he is able to follow the instructions of St. Patrick!

Is there much on your agenda today?  Me?  I'm off to play bridge this morning, then home to watch the Lady Vols in the SEC tournament!  Go Lady Vols!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. going to KTown this afternoon ...see ya later.

  2. There are some great illustrations in that book!! I don't think I have mentioned that our dau/law is going to Ireland later in the summer, and she is most excited about that trip!


  3. Love the illustrations! We gave my MIL a book about Ireland last year for the birthday.

    I have to work, but tonight we are going out for supper - yeah!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Those books sounds like a lovely read. I love the illustrations. St Patrick Day is just around the corner.
    I never learned to play bridge but friends of mine have Bridge parties. Sounds like lot of fun. I catered meals for them once a year several years ago. Good luck


  5. You know I love your sharing your books!!!!!!

    What detailed and magnificent illustrations there are, in this book!

    "the Lady Vols in the SEC tournament" Afraid you "lost" me, there. :-) Enjoy it though. Whatever it is.

    I AM going to make the G/F Muffins, which I "have been going to do," for a week. -grin-


  6. The books sound like a great read. The Irish half of me wants to read them.

  7. Oh- I love Irish books and have several of them. My agenda? I have a sick granddaughter here- poor girl. Well, sitting by her lets me get caught on my blogging- movies for her and computer for me-xo Diana

  8. The book looks lovely. I started the day with the dentist, went on to work and now I am enjoying visiting my blog buddies. Bible study tomorrow and a theater ticket. Wish we could do a trip to Cornwall. Wouldn't that be fun!

  9. Wow the illustrations in that book are fantastic.

  10. Hello Nellie...

    Thanks for your visit and comment.

    I delighted in attending a library used book sale today and having take-out fish and chips for supper. Susan

  11. A virtual tour to Ireland in the land of our imagination. Thanks.