Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Over taken by rabbits...."

That is what The Husband said the other day, and you will see why when you finish with this entry. 

They are all hanging out on the bookshelves.  At least they are not chomping down the baby hazelnut trees The Husband has set out on our property, hoping they would grow!  No, no!  Those rabbits have had other ideas!  The ones in this post are quite proper, only going where they are directed.:-)

I wonder how the rabbit would be as a predictor of winter weather.  That groundhog certainly needs to have some additional training.:-)  We have a chance of winter weather in our forecast during the next few days, and I know some of you have seen all the snow you want to see for quite awhile!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. They do seem to be multiplying, but who really objects to the multiplying of so much cuteness??!?

    Yes, our local groundhog was a bit mistaken, but we'll eventually have springtime. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Well, rabbits are known for multiplying......Lol

  3. You can never have enough bunnies at Easter. Old man winter certainly isn't ready to leave yet in MI. It's been snowing all week. We shouldn't have drained the ice rink!

  4. You have such cute rabbits. Yes those kind of rabbits are much safer than the ones who like to eat gardens.
    More snow? Wow, well winter sure took it's sweet time getting to you didn't it?

  5. Oh so precious! Especially the last one. Oh I am in love with his sassy looking cute nose and face! :-)))))

    Now I wish I had some wee little stuffed rabbits! :-)

    But oh yes, those *cute* bunnies can love, what we try to grow!!!!! Eeeek!


  6. Hoppy Easter. Just watch next year and you'll see that they have multiplied again.
    Hoppy Spring.

  7. Cute rabbit collection, Nellie. It was 15 degrees up here this morning.. We did get some flurries last night. CRAZY SPRING so far for sure!

  8. I love rabbits. Always have. Awesome collection :)

    p.s. a rabbit certainly would have done a better job predicting the weather that that silly groundhog :)

  9. Well, yes...but they are SO cute...and everyone knows that rabbits multiply when left to their own devices! xo Diana

  10. Oh I love all your must be a Ty babies collector too! At first I just wanted the bears...but soon they all took


  11. Hi Friend, Oh, so precious! Love your bunnies, they the are multiplying like crazy. Lol. Enjoy the rest of the day, Anna

  12. Nellie, You made me laugh about the weather predicting groundhog. Love you beanie bunnies.xoxo,Susie

  13. You have a nice collection of rabbits. : )

  14. Since the groundhog failed you, perhaps you could snuggle with the rabbits!