Friday, July 25, 2014

Is it Friday already?

Happy Friday to you!  Have you had a good week?  Do you have some exciting plans for the week-end?  It is upon us,  you know.

Last week-end was a busy time here with the UMW Mission u Event.  I have mentioned earlier that this was the book we studied.

There were four sections to the book, each one designed to help us look at our own spiritual journey.  The four topics were pray, listen, mentor, and transform.

While I spent time reading and studying this book, I have also had time to do some other reading.

This is a book of fiction, and it was the first one I've read by Anna Quindlen.  A piece of her writing was featured recently in an issue of Good Housekeeping, and I was motivated to try a novel.  I found this to be really enjoyable and would recommend it.

Another book I have read is this one

This is a memoir, also the first book I've read by this author.  It was also a writing in a Good Housekeeping issue that pointed me to her, and I am anxious to read her novels!

Reading has always been a favorite pasttime of mine, and I am happy to recommend these books to you!

I send along wishes for a happy Friday!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


Glenda said...

Yes, the weekend is upon us, and I'm happy that I have no plans! I'm just a lazy bum these days, you know, but at least I stay out of trouble!

Thank you for these book suggestions today. Have a fabulous Friday, Sister!

The Armchair Squid said...

So glad you're joined our Coffeehouse, Nellie!

Farm Girl said...

What lovely books to read. I always like reading about books you find.
Treasure you can hold in your hands.
I hope you have a lovely weekend. Heat is back starting today.
The weeds are very happy.
Happy Friday!

~~louise~~ said...

The time sure does fly on by doesn't it Nellie. I can't believe it's Friday already!

I really need to get a book for some Summer reading but oh gosh when? Thanks for sharing, Nellie...

Julia said...

I love reading reviews on books and this one reminds me of when I was a young mother. Suddenly, I saw my mom with new eyes. I gained more respect and admiration . It's like being a mother for the first time. You just don't get it till you experience it yourself.
A good book to read, I would say.
Have a great weekend...
JB said...

I need to try Anna Quindlen! Such good reviews of her work!
Thanks for sharing!
Veronica said...

I need to try Anna Quindlen! Such good reviews of her work!
Thanks for sharing!

Janie Junebug said...

I love Anna Quindlen. All of her novels are excellent. I haven't read the new one yet, but it's on my Amazon wish list.


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Nellie. I haven't read anything by Quindlen, but I'll definitely check her out.

Mariodacatsmom said...

Oh I also enjoy Anna Quinlden's writing. I'll have to buy that book soon. Thanks for the recommendations.

Stephanie Faris said...

I'm not a fan of memoirs, but there's something I like about that book cover!

Happyone said...

My list of books to read grows longer and longer. I won't be able to read all the books I want before I die!! : )
The teens at church tomorrow are having a car wash so we will be getting our truck washed.

annie said...

I read Amish fiction, I was given Beverly Lewis' new book, that's next on my list! Hope you're having a great summer!