Monday, July 21, 2014

Last week....

....had several milestones.

....We recorded a record low temperature for Thursday morning!
....The church community garden donated 360 pounds of produce to food pantries in the area, bringing the total thus far in the season to 833 pounds!
....Our Holston Conference United Methodist Women held their Mission u Event at a church in a nearby town.  That meant I was able to stay home rather than pack my suitcase for a stay in a motel!
....Two of the studies were based on the books that were featured in the blog on Friday.  The other study was a repeat from last year on the Roma of Europe.
....The weather "caught us up" a bit on our rainfall total, which has been nearly seven inches below the average.  Now we are under five inches behind.
....So - as welcome as the rain was here, this is what it was like as I was going to Mission u on Saturday morning.

Are you able to see the wet road?

More of the same.

It was 8:30 on Saturday morning, yet these were conditions as we drove down the road where there were trees overhanging on both sides.

It was like driving at night for a short distance.

Even the soccer field shows evidence of the overnight rain.

No practices or games here on that day!

It was good to reach our destination and see this welcoming sign!  

This is only part of the week-end, so more will be featured in the next post.

I hope  you had a good week-end and are ready for a good week ahead.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Good Monday morning, Sister! Yes, we have seen quite a few of those wet roads lately, but that's fine with me! I look forward to hearing more about your great meetings with the ladies from the various area churches. Have a great day! :-)

  2. Amazing the differences in our two areas --which are NOT that far from each other... We had a total of less than 1.5 inches on Friday and Saturday... It most drizzled all of that time --and we never had anything heavy. We needed the rain (like you do)--but still need more here. In fact, it's drizzly again here this morning --but just sprinkles...

    We also had those lows last week --and even the record low 'highs' for the day one day. Crazy July--but I love it being cooler.


  3. I'm so glad you got your much needed rain Nellie, .
    Driving in heavy rain is not much fun. It should make the garden and grass grow Fast.

    You were asking about making Ricotta cheese with fat free milk. I'm not sure about that but the solid in milk is what makes the curd and the cream would simply make it creamier and richer and I use unpasturized milk which I

    I looked on line for homemade low fat Ricotta Cheese recipes and they use non pasteurized milk. The comments were that the Ricotta cheese made with fat free milk didn't taste as good as the one made with whole milk and pasteurized milk didn't curdled well... I guess I'm lucky to have cows and I can use raw milk to make my cheese.

    I got my recipe from Better Than Store Bought cook book by Helen Witty and Elisabeth Schneider Colchie.

    I'm not sure that I answered your question well but maybe you can do a bigger search online. I didn't had time to research this more throughly today.


  4. As much as a person needs rain, sometimes it's difficult to drive in it. I could see all the water, onnthe streets and in the soccer fields! Glad you had a good conference, especially near to home! 😊


  5. Looks pretty water-logged, Nellie. Bet the flowers loved it! Susan

  6. Wow, that really did look like night time.

  7. We had rain over the weekend but I was glad not to have to drive in it. Have a nice evening.

  8. Driving in the rain is no fun. Looks a bit scary. We haven't completely thrown in the towel, but Mr. Groundhog has been feasting on the majority of our garden. So disappointing.

  9. The next time it rains here I will do a happy dance outside, since we are in a drought. How nice your church is donating fresh produce.

  10. 360 pounds of food!! That is such wonderful news. And I really enjoyed the record lows last week - made me look forward to autumn :)

  11. I LOVE fresh produce being donated to the food pantries!

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