Thursday, July 31, 2014

The first bloom....

We have all been waiting on this! It is such a pleasure to see one of these bloom!

The birds will really be happy now!

As I was walking around the yard, I also spied this:

Do you see the bumblebee on the basil blooms?  He was really happy, too!  I know he is glad that the basil this year is just blooming faster than I am able to clip off the blossoms!  

So - we've helped part of God's creation be happy this season!

Nice and cool morning temperatures of late put me in mind of autumn!  This is just the last day of July! I'm sure we have awhile to wait before autumn arrives for good!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. LOVE your sunflower, and happy you can keep some bees happy, too! My recollection of bumblebees involves a sting on the top of my head AND between my fingers as I reached up to see what I was feeling on my head MANY years ago. That was NOT a happy time for me, but I survived, obviously! Have a wonderful day, Sister!

  2. Pretty sunflower! I love the fragrance and taste of basil, and yes, I see the bee! Have a nice day.

  3. Oh mine is almost ready to bloom too I was hoping it would wait for the wedding but it is what it is. The Red ones I planted this year are blooming early too. Drat I have to figure out how to dry them:) Love the bees. Hug B

  4. Congrats on the Sunflower.. We hope to get to Biltmore soon to see theirs in bloom.

    You feel the way about Sunflowers as I do about my new Canna Lilies.. I'm so excited to see them grow and grow and grow and bloom. The hummingbirds love them also.

    Have a great day.. I posted a "Rain or Sun" blog today.. Interesting scenic drive!!!

  5. No matter what Sunflowers are always a treat. Your garden is so pretty. I am so glad you are having nice cool days. I am sure it is just invigorating.

  6. Hi Nellie , what an elegant sunflower ... I see the bumblebee , he certainly made his claim on the basil , just too cute . We are having cooler weather down here , kind of unusual for this time of year . ;- D

  7. Oh oh OH! I love love love sunflowers and how I wish I had a grand one like that!!!

  8. I love sunflowers, for me they are a sign of harvest, not sure if they are more summery or autumnal, maybe both.

  9. You are blooms ahead of me:)
    I did receive a gift of sunflowers today though..Gorgeous.

  10. Oh love your sunflower. Mine for some reason didn't come up this year.
    The bumble bees are on my basil too and also the pumpkin blossoms.

  11. Yea for the first sunflower bloom, it's so pretty. My basil is starting to go to bloom and I've been cutting lots of it to make pesto. I love Pesto Pizza with chicken. Oh yum.

    Happy August.

  12. Such a gorgeous sunflower bloom! I'll have to enjoy them from your blog. Our resident groundhog needs a little trip to somewhere else.

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