Monday, July 28, 2014

The Husband....

On Friday, The Husband went out on errands.  When he returned home, he brought these:

Aren't they beautiful?

This wasn't all he brought.  Look at these:

They are absolutely delicious!

City Girl wondered what was the occasion.:-)  Well, just a couple of days late, but they marked the anniversary of his proposal!  We didn't have a long engagement and will celebrate an anniversary next month.

I hope you have had a good week-end and that the beginning of a new week holds something special for you.

There were severe storms in our area last night, with tornado warnings all around.  Thankfully, we escaped anything of great damage, though there are reports a couple of tornadoes may have touched down in nearby areas.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Oh, how wonderfully thoughtful The Husband is!! I love those roses, and I'm sure the strawberries are delectable! Bless his heart---I remember that proposal and what a short time you had to get that wedding planned---three weeks, I believe---and it was all quite beautiful! Congratulations on your many years together!

    Yes, our storms were quite loud and nasty, but we were also fortunate to escape the damage that others nearby experienced. This cooler air this morning makes it all worthwhile! Have a marvelous Monday, Sister!

  2. what a great husband! my husband barely remembers xmas let alone anniversaries or birthdays.

  3. Hi Nellie , What a wonderful husband a loving gesture , he's a keeper .

    Thank you Nellie for your ever so kind comment on Wandering Brook , Maxy was a wonderful little guy and the kids are heartbroken .
    Thank you for caring .

  4. How sweet and now nice he remembered. I am glad you were safe.
    Lots of weird weather around right now.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. Oh Nellie he is a keeper and romantic. HUGS B

  6. OH how wonderful... I LOVE it. Congrats to your sweet hubby for doing this.. (Sounds like something my Sweetie would do! SO SPECIAL.)

    When is the anniversary???

    Hugs to you both,

  7. Oh how thoughtful. Those strawberries look super good.
    Tornado warning here too but we didn't have any.

  8. Hi Nelly-

    Good man! That is so wonderful that he still recalls such a special day :)- and made an effort to spoil you!

  9. It may have been a short engagement but you sure hit the jackpot and he got the pot of gold.

    How sweet and romantic of your husband. I'm sure that you deserve to be treated special like this...


  10. Happy anniversary, Nellie.
    Wow, how sweet of your husband to give you those beautiful flowers!

  11. What lovely surprises, thoughtful:)

    The weather is strange here as well. We had torrential rain last night and a tornado warning weren't far away. Mother Nature sure is angry these days. Perhaps she needs a few of those luscious strawberries, lol...

  12. Awww that is so very romantic. Those roses are gorgeous, and who doesn't like chocolate and strawberries. What a thoughtful, romantic guy.

  13. What a sweetheart! He's such a romantic! I'm still getting caught up on posts.

  14. What a sweet husband. LOVE chocolate covered strawberries! Hate tornadoes. Our town is still cleaning up from the one last year.

    Cindy Bee

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