Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More goodies....

Happy Tuesday afternoon!  We have a lovely day here today.

Continuing on with wedding reception fare, I have a delectable recipe to share today.  This was brought by a good friend, who also had the role of coordinating the reception on the wedding day.  She did a fantastic job, and we are extremely grateful to the friends who happily assisted us on that day!

I have never made these, but that will soon change as I plan to make them very soon!  One thing is certain - they will have to leave the house as soon as they are made!  Too much temptation to "taste" if they are around.:-)  Many of you probably have the recipe and may have already made them.  It isn't difficult to find the recipe through an Internet search.


1 package Oreos, whatever flavor/color preferred, crumbled
1 - 8 oz. package cream cheese, softened
8-ounce baking chocolate or almond bark, melted, chocolate or white

- Crumble Oreos with cubes of softened cream cheese in the food processor until well-blended.  Shape 1-inch (or smaller) balls.  Chill for awhile if mixture seems too soft to handle.  Using a toothpick in the Oreo ball, dip in melted chocolate.  Place on waxed paper or parchment paper until firm.  Three to four dozen.

We used the Oreos with green filling for the reception.  I hope they were good.  I didn't have a chance to taste one.:-)  I think they will be a good dessert for next week when I once again provide lunch for the adult day care program of our church.

Thank you for reading along and commenting.  It is fun to read  your comments.

The next post will continue on with still more wedding food.:-)


  1. Yes, these were quite delicious! I noted that some were dipped into "regular" chocolate and others in white, but I always go for the regular coating, and they can be quite habit-forming. I just might have to try these for a church dinner at some point, but I will need to get them out of the house rather quickly! Thank you for sharing this one, too!

  2. We've had these before and they are definitely over the top yummy! The girls have asked if we can make chocolate dipped peeps like we did last year for Easter. Chocolate dipped anything is YUMMY!

  3. Nellie, I don't know the proper way to transfer the badge, but this is what I do. I right click on the image, and "save as" into my computer picture file. Then I go into "design" and add it to my blog as a picture...uploading it from my computer. Does that make any sense? Patsy

  4. Oh this recipe sounds so good, it has to be if it has Oreos! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Oh Nellie...I just love this recipe nd cn't wait to try it!