Monday, May 5, 2014

A new week....

Happy Monday to you!  A new week is ahead for us! 

How was your week-end?  Did you have good weather?  We certainly did, and that made it a good time for The Husband to work in the garden.

Yukon Gold potatoes.

Tomatoes staked.

Greens that "wintered over."

Half-runner green beans!  My favorite!

More potatoes!

Even more potatoes!

"Volunteer" cilantro.

But - what is gnawing on the onions?  This is a puzzle!   

The potatoes have really recovered well!  A couple of weeks ago, they had just begun to appear through the ground, and the two consecutive frosty mornings we had caused that green growth to turn black.:-(  The last two rows are of Red Pontiac and Cobbler, plus we added some potatoes from our storage that had begun to sprout.  It will be interesting to see what kind of potatoes come from those.

There were other things that the week-end included.  Yes, we did watch the Kentucky Derby.  California Chrome ran the race that was expected of him!

There will be more about the week-end in the next post.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. You have some lovely veggies growing, and I surely hope that varmint doesn't destroy ALL of your onions! Those potatoes should be very good, since they have weathered the springtime "winters" we have around here. I'm sure there will be much work ahead as things grow and ripen, but you will enjoy the fruits of your labor! Have a Marvelous Monday, dear Sister! :-)

  2. Your garden looks wonderful Nellie. That must be some critter to be chewing on the onion.

  3. Hi Nellie ,
    Nellie , Nellie , how do your garden grow , quite well my dear as soon as I catch that darn vermin ;-D oh Nellie I just couldn't resist (smiling) Your garden is quite lovely . Thanks for sharing :)
    I enjoy visiting you so keep it comming ...Nee

  4. Oh my how nice to see signs of sunshine, warmth and green growing! Your garden looks wonderful! Great way to enjoy the outside! I too wonder whos been chewen on your onions... Cold and rainy still here and i havent even begun to uncover perennials...soon hopefully! Keeping busy with catch up in the house. Enjoy your day Nellie!

  5. Your garden is looking wonderful Nellie!! It's gonna grow like crazy soon with all this rain we've been having. It was a beautiful weekend here in Berea - had an awesome hike yesterday! Did you watch the Derby?

  6. Ah, your garden is looking good.
    Yes, our weather was nice this weekend but it turned cold over night. Warmed up again today though.

  7. Wow, that is early for gardening ( in these parts ). You might be harvesting while we are planting. Lol