Thursday, May 15, 2014

Have you heard of this?

Happy Thursday to you!  Do you expect a busy day ahead?

There were recent occasions for receiving gifts here.  Have you ever seen one of these?

For the microwave!

This was a surprise from a friend who has a sewing machine that works these lovely designs.  She included specific instructions about using it for baking potatoes in the microwave.

Ready to bake!

After washing and drying the potatoes, they are to be wrapped in a paper towel before placing in the bag.  The potatoes do not have to be pricked or oiled in any way.  I used the regular baked potato setting on the microwave and checked the potatoes for doneness with the cake tester.  I found I needed to reset for the same amount of time before these potatoes were done. 

When finished, all you need to do is just hang up the bag to dry, as there is just a bit of moisture created in the bag. 

I have used this method of cooking potatoes three times, and we are really pleased with the results!

We had an inch of rain overnight in the rain gauge.  The garden is happy!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Oh, how clever! Now I'm hungry for a baked potato, but I'll get over it, since we have no potatoes in the house today. :-) I'm not sure how much rain we got, but it didn't seem like very much. I AM enjoying this cooler morning, though, and look forward to the next several similar days. Have a lovely Thursday, Sister!

  2. We had a lot of rain here as well last night Nellie. And some crazy storms! I loved it. And now I am craving baked potatoes :)

  3. We have one of those --similar to that (which we bought at Dollar General)... We love ours.. It's fast, the potatoes are good --and no heat in the oven, etc.... We also use ours for sweet potatoes.


  4. It has rained here all week. I am ready for the sun to shine.

    A baked potato sounds good!

  5. I'm not sure why you need a device... I cut into the potato a few times with a knife and then just microwave it until it's almost soft, finish in the toaster oven so it has more texture. Or just mash the nuked potatoes. Only problem is that more potatoes in the microwave need more time, for the three you depict I wonder if it would be much faster than conventional or toaster oven.

  6. I wonder what the science is behind the cooking bag that the potatoes don't explode. It sound like a neat idea. The potato bag is beautiful.


  7. I've never heard of cooking potatoes that way.
    What a great idea.

  8. Wonderful way of cooking potatoes. technology has improved more!

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