Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tune in....

Selections from the fall

                                                               Tunes for the spring/summer.

One of my favorite activities is singing in the chorus at our local senior center.  We are blessed to have a very talented director and accompanist, and those of us who sing enjoy one another's company.

I consider this part of my community service because we go "on the road" to perform at various sites. We sing at nursing homes, assisted living homes, rehab centers, other senior centers, and also at special community events.

A memorable selection from the fall was "Football Hero."  The director had a helmet and jersey, and at each location, someone was chosen to play the part of the football hero.  At one place, the Man of the House was asked to put on the helmet and jersey!  As planned, he was "pursued" by some of the members of the chorus.  This part of the program always elicited laughter from those in the audience.

We will begin our rehearsals soon for our spring/summer program, and we already have some dates on the calendar for our performances.  We have had a break of several weeks in our rehearsals, and I am anxious to put my soprano voice into action.:-)

Tomorrow - The "Staff of Life."

Thank you for reading.  I love your comments.


  1. And a wonderful soprano voice it is!! I'm hoping that we can attend one of the performances this season, as that group does a superb job of entertaining the audience always! Keep us posted, please, so we can mark our calendars. :-)

    1. How lovely to be able to share your special talent with the community. Very fun.

  2. How nice to be able to sing. I always thought that sounded like a wonderful thing to do, but alas I did not have a singing voice.
    Thanks for your comment, you have been at goal for 4 years? That is amazing. Were you a leader too?

  3. Oh my are an amazing lady! I'm sure you enjoy it as much as your audience

    I have a cousin in Florida and she too sings in her church other places, such as nursing homes etc. smile...