Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blueberry time....

Happy Thursday to you!  Have things been going well for you this week?

As I have mentioned before on this blog, we have been having excessive amounts of rain this year.  The lack of sunshine that goes along with the excess rainfall has undoubtedly affected our blueberries.  They have not been doing as well as in past years.  Yesterday, I went blueberry picking and was surprised to gather three quarts!

There are a few more that I hope to pick this morning. 

Some of these berries found their way to these:

Blueberry Yogurt Muffins!

I have featured this recipe on the blog earlier - last July 13, in fact.  If you would like to have the recipe, at the very top left corner in the search bar, just enter the name of the muffins, click enter, and the post for July 13, 2012 will appear!  It sounds magical, doesn't it?:-)  I know there will be other ways we will enjoy these blueberries! 

I want to wish a great welcome to George Alexander Louis!  That is a long name for a little baby!

A blogging friend, Beth, who sometimes comments on the blog, had surgery on Tuesday for cancer.  I'd like to ask that you remember her in your thoughts and prayers for her treatment and recovery.

Have a great day!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. You are blessed with those lovely blueberries! Some folks pay dearly for them at the grocery store, and they are quite good for you! I'll keep your friend in my prayers, for sure. Have a lovely Thursday!

  2. you are so lucky to have such nice blueberries! mine are long gone with the birds. they always get them before me. i grow birdberries!

  3. I know why you call your blog Berries and More. that looks very tasty. I have blueberry envy.

  4. Thanks for writing about Beth, I was praying for her this morning.
    Your blueberries are fantastic. After peeling peaches I decided I like blue berries better.
    Blueberries are my favorite snack.
    Have a great Thursday. So do you know Elisabeth Goudge? This book is like a old version of At Home in Mitford. But deeper in some ways.

  5. Nellie, fresh blueberries for your muffin, so nice. You did get a lot from picking.
    I am praying for Beth Marie, she's a sweet lady. xoxo,Susie

  6. I wish i could grow blueberries here--they are my favorite, but I know the birds and bunnies would devour them before us.

    Your muffins looks so good! I miss baking. Watching my granddaughter during the day leaves me little free time--she is still an armful, but I love it!

    I will say a prayer for Beth right now. I hope she will have successful surgery and recovery.

  7. That is a long name for a little baby, but a fine name all the same.

    Oh those blueberry muffins look delicious.

    I've prayed for Beth many times. She is on my morning prayer list.

  8. I'm hoping to take Josie blue berry picking this weekend. Your muffins look wonderful. Prayers for your friend.

  9. Good morning Nellie! Oh, those look luscious! I used to be able to find blackberries in certain places near here but developement took place and took away the blackberry bushes. :-( I have never seen a real live blueberry (growing that is).

  10. We go blueberry picking every summer, several times, as blueberries grow like mad in Michigan. It's one of our best summer traditions, although I think we come home with about half of what was picked, they eat the entire time! Last week we picked rasberries, delicious!