Monday, July 8, 2013

Last week....

On last Sunday, we traveled to Munchomom's house, bringing her and the Munchkins back with us in the afternoon.  Munchomom is a runner, and has been dealing with a sports-related injury for over three months!  One of her restrictions is to do no driving.  A previously-planned visit with us had to be cancelled, so it was time for a second try.

One of the places the Munchkins enjoy visiting when they are in the area is in a nearby town.

This is it!

When they lived across town, we made this trip at least once a year, sometimes more often, so it was with great anticipation that we made this trip on this visit.

There have been some improvement projects underway since I last went with them.

These first pictures were in an International section of the Museum.

Then we entered the Appalachian section.

Some implements that would have been present in Appalachian homes.

Clothing and other textiles common to an earlier time.

Other items that were useful with children.

The interior of an early Appalachian cabin.

Do you remember having one of  these?

How would you like to use this for your cooking today?

Can you tell me what this is?

I took several more pictures which I will share with you in another post.  This one would be much too long if I included them all in here.:-)

I have mentioned earlier that we have a rain gauge here at our house.  In the past week, it has measured a total of six inches of rain!  The area total for the year is 19 inches above our average rainfall at this point in the year!  Needless to say, we are in need of some drying out time.  Can't say that it will come this week, though.  A chance for rain is mentioned for every day.

Do you have a busy week planned?  I wish you a good Monday as you begin another week.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. What a wonderful museum this is, and how wonderful that you got to go with the Munchkins for another tour! I'm sure they enjoyed learning about the uses of the many unfamiliar items. Of course, you and I can recall using a "range" similar to the one pictured when we were growing up. I could never figure out how the cook always knew what the proper heat would be, but we rarely had any disasters. Thanks for this trip down Memory Lane!

  2. Cool place to take the Grands!!

    And it has to be air conditioned too.

    Win. Win. :-)

    At least here, we get rain and then sun and then rain again. We need that sun, to ripen. As you well know.

    Happy New Moon!

  3. what an interesting place! i think that is a dough bin.

  4. Nice museum for the kids.

    I remember my mom having a stove like that and she used some shortening to keep the top nice and black so it wouldn't rust. The model she had only had one long warmer oven at the top and I remember carrying in water from the well and pouring it in the long container on the left to heat water. That was our hot water tank. lol...

    That looks like a newer model of butter churn. Ours was round and there was a hole in the cover and we pulled and pushed the beater rod up and down and us kids would take turn to churn the butter. What fun.

    Wishing you some sun.

  5. Oh, I love museums and this one looks wonderful! I'm sure the grands loved it too. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. I know my girls have a whole new appreciation for museums and history after our recent trip. Looks like the perfect museum to browse. I'm sorry that you are continuing to be plagued by rain. Your rain sounds like our horrible flooding this past spring in MI. Rain, rain, go AWAY!

  7. The last one... let's see... two handles, one on each side and it looks moveable and has an opening at the top... my guess, washing machine. If it is a butter churn, that would certainly be a lot of butter, but it wouldn't surprise me if it isn't.

  8. I love this little museum and would love to have those display cases for our town. Oh, I would love to buy one of the old stores up here and fill it with history! That last item is a washing machine. Some had a stick stuck in a slot in the middle for the old agitators to fit through. They had a wood handle and looked like a plunger, but were metal for hand pumping up and down to move the clothes around. This one here, you just rocked from side to side to get the clothes clean. ;)

  9. I can't believe how much rain you have had, Nellie. We have had our share here, too- xo Diana


  10. I'm sure you enjoyed your outing with your grandchildren, Nellie. The cast iron stove reminded me of one my maternal grandmother had in her house -- it dated back to 1911. She was a whiz cooking on it.

    Denver has a wonderful Children's Museum, too, but it is more of a play place with exhibits the children can play with. Someday I will have to blog about it.

    I wish the east coast could send some extra rain to the west--we could use it here!

  11. Oh goodness I would love to visit a place like this. I love museums and such! Love the polar bear and I confess I have no idea what last pic is LOL.

  12. Very interesting pictures. I look forward to more.
    We had some rain today. It was a relief...

  13. This looks like such a fun place to visit! My family farmed in the Ozarks, so I love the mountains and learning about how people lived 'back in the olden days.' I'd love it if we had some of your rain! just hot and dry here!

  14. I haven't been there in ages! Not since my boys were small. I need to go anyway and look all by myself.

    I don't know what that last picture is of. (that seems an awkward way to form that sentence :-)

    Yes indeed. That much rain over and here where I live down the road from you, usually we get a bit more. It's usually hotter, colder by 2 degrees or so and wetter or drier by however much.