Saturday, August 2, 2014

For a Saturday....

Happy Saturday to you!  Do you have some good plans for this first week-end in August?

Last Saturday, I mentioned that I had an "unscheduled" day.:-)  So - what does one do on such a day?

Yes!  We picked blueberries!  It wasn't easy to arrange them altogether to picture all the buckets, so I photographed them separately.

What will be done with all these blueberries, you may be wondering.  Well, I thought it was time to have a "mini-blueberry festival!":-)  For a few days, I was very busy with those blueberries,  creating several favorite recipes.  Those pictures will come to you in the near future.

After all that picking, there has to be some kind of reward.

Yes!  Time to go shopping!:-)  What better time when one is in possession of some good coupons to a favorite store?:-)

This week-end?  Well, it is not exactly "unscheduled," but you will be hearing about that in a few days!

Until then, thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. You always seem able to fill your schedule, even when there is nothing on it! This weekend is a fun one for you and The Husband, and I'm sure you're enjoying your time! I plan to be a lazy bum today, which is something that I have perfected to an art! :-) Have a Super Saturday, Sister!

  2. Blue berries are my favorite. It looks like you really got a nice bunch.
    I am watching my grands today,
    While my husband works on the riding lawnmower. :) The tractor is next.

  3. Nellie, I know you are going to be making something good with those blueberries. :):) Have fun shopping. I like Stein Mart too...I used to be able to get to one a few miles's been moved and I know not where. I could look it up. Blessing, xoxo,Susie

  4. I'm sure you will come up with something delicious to do with those blueberries.

    We are off to the County State Carnival/Fair in just a bit. : )

  5. Oh Yum. We've been getting fresh blueberries at the Farmers Market. They are so good when fresh.

  6. Good evening Nellie , I can't believe you have an unscheduled day , enjoy it because everyone knows you like to keep busy ;-D . The blueberries are lovely and you will make wonderful dishes with them and they freeze well . Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Can't wait to see what you do with all those delcious looking blueberries, Nellie. We are eating them here as fast as we get them. I'll be food shopping tomorrow and hoping to be able to still find lots more for freezing!

    I bet you had a ball picking all those berries, lol...Thanks for sharing, Nellie...

  8. Those blueberries are so tempting. I like blueberry cobbler, so yummy and easy to make.


  9. "On the feast of Saint-Anne, the blueberries are ripe. It is the grape of our land, the son of fire, the offering of the humble and rocky soil; it is the honey of wild gulleys, brother of the vines in the infinite realm of peat moss and bogs."

    I come from Saguenay, where it is the emblematic fruit/berry. I am making a blueberry pie tonight, actually.

  10. I love blueberries!! love how look!!

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