Monday, February 25, 2013

"All that jazz...."

Happy Monday to you!  Did you have a good week-end?  Is  your new week off to a good beginning?

We had a really good week-end here!  Munchomom and family came on Friday afternoon, and City Girl soon after.  The Country Couple also came in, and they even were able to spend the night, too!  It was a busy time, and a good time for all of us!  They all left on varying schedules, so our routine is almost back to "normal," whatever that is.

Another event that made the week-end a special one was the Youth Auction and Dinner at our church.  With the theme "All That Jazz," we had a real treat when we returned to church on Sunday night.

The entryway.

There were many decorative touches inside.

Wasn't a good job done with the decorating?

This was a major fundraiser for the youth at our church.  They are involved in ambitious mission trips during the year, and the funds raised will help finance these trips.

The Silent Auction feature gave us an opportunity to bid on some items of interest.  We brought home two of them.

Full of cat goodies.

Love these colors!

So - you can see that we had a very good week-end!  The weather even cooperated, and we had sunshine with high temperatures in the low fifties!

I hope the week ahead will be a good one for  you!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. What a fun event. Love all the decorations and the silent auction items. Good for you! Have a great week ahead.

  2. It sounds like fun Nellie. The decorations are beautiful.

  3. The decorations for that event, were very well done!!!

    Glad that even the weather cooperated, for a good fund raiser!

    Happy Full Snow Moon!

  4. They certainly did a great job of preparing the hall for that event! Sort of makes our old doughnut sales and rummage sales seem tame by comparison!

    I love the items you brought home, too, and I'm sure the Resident Kitty at your house will be quite pleased as well! Well, maybe not with the scarf, but with the basket of goodies! :-)

  5. Oh My... I remember those days of fund-raising. We did it when I was teaching school and also when I was in church work. Seems like we were always doing something to raise money for some trip or project... So glad I don't have to do that any longer... ha....


  6. Sounds like a lot of fun. The decorations look terrific.

  7. How nice and I bet it was nice to have all of your family together over the weekend. It sounds so nice.
    I like those colors too. Very pretty.