Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter dreaming....

Some of you have indicated you are enjoying winter, while others have mentioned how ready you are for spring.  Do you do anything in the winter to help you prepare for spring?

The Husband has been studying these:

Plans for plants.

Yes, he has been looking through seed catalogues for some inspiration for planting once conditions are right.  Since we have had an extremely wet year - over seven inches above normal rainfall for this time of year - it will be awhile before the ground will even be dry enough for working and planting.

The Husband is not the only one dreaming.

Oops! Are you able to read sideways?:-)

These are the selections we are rehearsing in chorus, so you may be able to tell that there is a bit of dreaming going on there, too.:-)  We began rehearsals, after the Christmas break, four weeks ago, and we already have six performance dates on the calendar.  We are going to be busy again this season!

I hope you have plans for something enjoyable for the week-end!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Dreaming... Delightful way to spend some time... Especially when The Wheel of The Year, is in Feb. and March. :-))))

  2. Nellie, I love seed catalogs. I love reading about all the different plants, flowers, and trees. I used to get them from my sister, now she doesn't get them any more. But I have been looking at my flowerbeds and trying to decide what I'll dig up and re-plant elsewhere. xoxo, Susie

  3. You have had that much rain? Well I am glad. Yes, I love my seed catalogs too.
    I think all I will have though is some raised beds with tomatoes and peppers this year. Maybe I can plant some pumpkins in June. :)
    When my husband sang with a men's group at church they would be doing that same thing. Getting ready for the Easter pageant our church had every year. It was a lot of work but he sure had fun.
    I bet you do too. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. I used to enjoy looking at seed catalogs. I really miss not being able to have a garden!

  5. We're just dreaming about being able to get some work done up at Happy Trails. : )

  6. We have no garden space here, but I'm sure I could find a spot if I were motivated enough. Our greatest "preparation" for warmer weather is to make sure our A/C is working properly, and our landlord is quite good about that! :-)

    One of my friends in Indiana always looks forward to warm weather, because she says you can't slip and fall on heat. She slipped on her porch this morning, but is fine!

    We have had a delightful day, and hope your day is going well, too!

  7. I suppose you are getting ready to gear up for you choir rehearsals. I just got the David Austin rose book and I am drooling over the pages. I won't plant any more roses here because we plan on selling but my next house is gonna have lots of roses! xo Diana