Wednesday, February 13, 2013


For many, today is a very important day.  Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day in Lent, a season that has been practiced as preparation for Easter for more than two thousand years!  The early Christian Church made the season of Lent part of their practices.

There are those who make a decision to prepare spiritually during this season by giving of themselves to something worthy.  Others decide to give up something during this period.  Have you ever been asked the question, "What are you giving up for Lent?" 

I choose to concentrate on adding something that is spiritually enriching to my daily life.  These two books will help.

Many people attend special church services on Ash Wednesday.  These services often include the imposition of ashes.  Sometimes the ashes come from the burning of the palm branches used on Palm Sunday from the previous year.  The ashes symbolize repentance and mortality. 

Sometimes, the decision is made to fast on Ash Wednesday, a practice that I have tried from time to time in past years.

According to tradition, Lent is the forty days before Easter, not counting Sundays.  The reason Sundays are not counted is that we are an "Easter people," with each Sunday representing a "mini-Easter."

For us, Easter is more than chocolate bunnies and new spring clothes.  Lent is meant to be a period of time for spiritual preparation of what is to come.

Thank you for reading.   I appreciate your comments.


  1. I applaud your idea, of adding something. Rather than giving-something-up. I think that is such a wise decision. To be used, in this application. And to be used, in many life circumstances.

    Why all the emphasis (every where) on denial? Why not more emphasis (every where) on bountiful addition?

    This sounds so Wise.

    And so much more in keeping, with how our human natures function.

    There must have been a reason, for the longevity of that "old folk saying" of..... "Catch more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar." :-)


  2. That is a very nice way to explain Lent.
    I like your books that you are using.
    Thank you Nellie.

  3. Enjoy today Nellie. I like the explaination. xoxo,Susie

  4. While I understand and appreciate the symbolism of Lent, we do not practice it as any special "season." We can find no real command in Scripture for the observance of such a time, but I do respect those who make the effort, and I much prefer your way of adding something spiritual rather than omitting something. Thank you for this thought! :-)