Monday, August 26, 2013

Only one week remains.....

.....for wearing white!:-)  How many of you follow that fashion guideline?  I must admit that I will be putting these away until next summer.

White shoes

White and white-striped skirts and pants

This post is prompted by an article in this magazine.

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Years ago, the affluent would leave their usual dwelling places during the summer for places that were more in tune with summer activities.  During these months - from Memorial Day until Labor Day - they wore white, the cooler choice for warmer weather.  As time passed, the practice passed along to the middle class as well.  However, there is nothing to stop you from wearing white anytime you wish!  I haven't ever seen any "fashion police" on patrol, have you?:-)

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I send along wishes to you for a good Monday - and a good week ahead!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Nellie, I don't think people ever go by that rule of not wearing white after labor day.... I'll wear my sneakers, but would never wear white dress shoes. I think the rule applies to slacks, pants, shoes, skirts, and dresses....because crisp white blouses and shirts will fit any time of the year. Hope this last week of August is good for you...we are in for one of the hottest weeks of summer. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Well, I stopped wearing white shoes many years ago, preferring "bone" or beige instead. As for dress shoes, I wear black year-round except for certain outfits which go better with a shade of brown. Now, I didn't write the book on fashion, but I just try to go with what's comfortable and makes my large frame look as good as possible. Might be a project for Omar the tentmaker sometimes, but we have to wear something! Have a great day!

  3. I'll admit that I don't really payed that much attention to fashion rules anymore because I know that they were just started by someone who's opinion count. I'm always so much in a rush that I don't have time to prim myself too much lately, lol...

    I remember in school that it was frowned upon to wear white after Labor Day and many other silly rules of wearing a particular color on a given day. I never paid attention to those silly rules though. I didn't had enough clothes to play that game. lol...

    Fashions comes and goes. Now as long as it looks decent for my age and occasion, I'm fine with that.

    I'm very interested in that Magazine. It sounds so intriguing.
    Have a great last week of August.

  4. I'm smiling at this post. I've been using a white purse all summer and was just looking over my other purses thinking I'll need to switch it out after the weekend. We have a super warm week ahead in MI. Just in time for all our students to be in school at the University and in very hot dorms. Happy Monday!

  5. I don't have any white shoes or white clothing. LOL
    Have a lovely week Nellie.

  6. This makes me laugh. I like to torment the "younger" staff who laugh at this rule. I'm afraid I'm a bit "old school" and I heard this rule so much growing up. I will put away the summer purse and white shoes after labor day. I will hate to stop wearing my favorite summer shoes though. Very comfy white sandals embellished with sea shells. I love them.
    PS Thank you for all the lovely, kind tweets on my work. I do appreciate it.

  7. I don't know the first thing about fashion...IN probably violate every fashion rule known to mankind :)

  8. This is another Glenda, from Georgia! I grew up with this fashion rule. I had a couple of friends that got into a major fight over this issue, it was the day after Labor Day and they were going to breakfast and he came to the car wearing white shorts. She preceeded to tell him that it was not appropriate to wear them. Needless to say they returned home without breakfast! Lol His statement was " you mean I could wear them yesterday but not today when the weather is the same! It does sound pretty stupid put like that!

  9. Hi Nellie , this fashion statement been around for years , not many beople pay attention anymore ... where has fashion gone {giggling} thanks for sharing .

  10. I rarely wear anything except sneakers... and yes, they are white and I wear them all year long.

  11. LOL- I am old school, too, I put my white shoes away until Easter (or Memorial Day) lol I don't know-but I see people wearing white shoes all winter now. I am the same with pure white clothes. xo Diana

  12. I don't even have a pair of white shoes!! : )

  13. I sorta quit with white shoes altogether BUT if I do wear them, I admit to being careful when. Not sandals though. Anytime for those. Dresses, skirts..white--I like it so it stays. But not a dressy dress. That's a bit much. I think I am trying to say I'm half and half on following the dictum. xo