Thursday, August 22, 2013

What we brought home with us....

For a couple of weeks, I have been blogging about More Than A Vacation at Emory and Henry College, an alumni event we attended from July 31-August 4.  I have shared pictures of several of the different places we visited; however, there were a number of other activities during those four days.

We began each day with devotions, presented by someone different each morning.  We heard speakers on various topics - favorite professors talking about economic issues, music, and the energy-saving construction of the dormitory where we were staying.  There was a presentation by a couple involved in this magazine.

Have you ever heard of  "Mental Floss" magazine?

There is always an opportunity to attend a play at Barter Theater in Abingdon, VA.  This time, the play was "Southern Fried Funeral."  The Husband and I opted out of the play, and we went to Bristol to check out what has been going on there, as it had been a number of years since we had been there.

We made a stop in several antique stores, and I was glad to find something to bring home with me.:-)

Do you remember when these were packed in boxes of oatmeal?

Such a tiny baking dish to join my other pink dishes!
We have some new glasses to add to our collection.

Souvenirs from the party on the first night.

Then, all too soon, it was time for everyone to go their separate ways and return home.

Packing up our belongings.

A hearty breakfast before we hit the road!

We headed out with many good memories of time spent with good friends and new things learned.  It will be fun to return in 2014!

Already it is Thursday!  How is your week progressing?  Are you anticipating a good week-end ahead?

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. What a nice time! I went to several "alumni college" events at Dartmouth and really enjoyed them. It was nice to be a student again and have no papers to write.

  2. the Mental Floss..always like to read that. And a wee baking dish is somehting I would like as well but then, I tend toward miniture things.

    You two had a wonderful time...I am so glad.

  3. That looks like an interesting magazine. Did you get a copy?
    I think that little pink dish is great too.

  4. Okay now I want one of those magazines. I want to know "Why I can't wear white after Labor Day." It was a hard and fast rule when I was a kid but I never knew why.
    I remember when I was a kid being in the grocery store and having to go through the oatmeal boxes looking for the pattern of glasses that my Mom had. So yes I do remember.
    She also collected the ones in laundry soap too.
    You found such nice things and the food looks great.
    Have a lovely Thursday. Yes, I am looking forward to the weekend.Our heat broke so it looks to be a lovely weekend.
    Great Post.

  5. What a lovely time you had , good food , little pink dish , good friends and all the other good stuff ... have a great weekend .

  6. Oh, my goodness!! What memories you have brought up with those glasses! Yes, I remember when many products included glasses of some sort, and I still have a few of the clear ones. That green will go nicely with the rest of your dinnerware, even when it's sitting in the hutch on display, before we all descend upon you for a family get-together! I think you probably enjoyed your shopping trip more than than you would have enjoyed the play, and I'm glad you chose that activity. That breakfast looks scrumptious!

    My weekend promises to be rather busy, with some happy times as we observe a rather solemn occasion. Seeing our daughter will be nice, but saying "farewell" to our longtime pastor will be sad. Hopefully, there will be lots of cheer around us as we remember all the good years we've had--43, in fact. Have a wonderful afternoon, Sister! :-)

  7. I don't guess we got that oatmeal. I do have a set of dishes that my Dad collected for me, from grocery store purchases.

  8. Nellie, I smiled when i saw your green dishes...I had seen them when I was a kid and not since. Your vacation just sounds so fun. I see Buttercup out of NYC is a follower, her blog is so good. xoxo,Susie

  9. That breakfast looks delicious !!!!!!!!!!! :)))
    Come and see me too on:

  10. You picked up some nice little goodies there.
    Don't remember dishes in oatmeal, but do remember getting them in detergent.

    Yes, I have heard of Mental Floss. Used to subscribe to it years ago. Interesting magazine. Haven't read it in a few years now though.

  11. Nope-never heard of that magazine, Nellie. Love those green glasses though and your little pink Pyrex ovenware dish. Sounds like you had a wonderful time that ended all too soon- xo Diana

  12. No, I have to say I don't remember oatmeal boxes ever having glassware in them! wow

  13. Good memories--Good food---Good fellowship: What more could anyone want? Sounds like you had a marvelous time...

    I have relatives who lived in Bristol.. I want to go back there sometime and do some Family History...

    When I was a little girl, in Big Stone Gap, VA, we would go to Bristol occasionally to shop... I have great memories of those visits to the big department stores on State Street in Bristol...