Friday, January 3, 2014

Another Friday....

I want to begin today by welcoming the new followers!  I am honored to have you on board!

Happy Friday to you!  This is the first one for 2014!  Do you have some special week-end plans?  Will the weather cause you to change those plans?

There are a couple of books I'd like to share with you today.  They seem to be appropriate when entering a new year.  Are you familiar with Joan Walsh Anglund's work?

Leaving the Past behind.

Though the Past has left her mark.

A Year Is Round

Lovely verse on the first page.

Tracing the astrological signs through the year.

A good thing about these books is their size!:-)  They are really easy to hold, and they don't require a long time for reading, either.:-)

We have had a bit of snow here!  Very unusual for us.  I know some of you are really getting much more than "a bit!"  Plus, the temperatures are really going to be cold!  Stay safe and warm, wherever you are!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I am such a book lover. These are sweet books. Thanks for sharing. No snow here in Phoenix. Yesterday afternoon it was almost 80, sunny and a gorgeous day. Stay warm!

  2. I love little books like that. These look wonderful. Hope you have a great Friday, Nellie. It is cold here! brrrr- xo Diana

  3. Love it, Nellie! Have a great Friday.

  4. Oh I always love seeing the books you have I am a great lover of books. B

  5. Those do look like good, easy read books Nellie. Thank you for sharing. I love the verse you quoted as well.

  6. I have no plans that should be affected by the weather, except that the heat will have to run longer to keep me warm inside the house!!

    These books do look quite nice, and I love the sentiments that are expressed. It's true that the past stays with us, but God also stays with us, if we allow Him to be in our lives, and He can help us to sort out the parts of the past that are unpleasant, as well as learning from those times. Have a good, chilly afternoon, Nellie! :-)

  7. Oh, I LOVE Joan Walsh Anglund. My mother had a whole collection of her sweet books. In fact, I still have a set of paperdolls that my mother made me out wrapping paper that she illustrated.

  8. I wish I still had my daughter's books..i think we had 2.. they were so sweet..I still love them looking at yours.

  9. I too wish I had the books my children had when they were small. You have such a wonderful collection Nellie!

  10. Hi Nellie , the books looks wonderful , thanks for sharing :)

  11. We can't erase the past but we can learn something from it...
    It is getting really cold here, Nellie.
    Thank you for reading my poems yesterday.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. we have to head off to KTown to his surgeon at 1 on Monday. I am a little concerned. Weather sounds bad. xo

  13. Looks like a nice little book.
    Have a great weekend Nellie. It's a great time to settle cosily with a good book with a hot cup of hot beverage.

  14. It's colder than I'd prefer, but thankfully no snow to make driving treacherous! The drivers around here are bad enough without adding snow to the road!

  15. Hi Nellie, i love books too, even though i dont read alot right now, i love the graphics ect.. Kinda like fabrics and dishes and all the patterns.. Enjoy your weekend! We are expecting extreme cold so im in for a couple days!

  16. I love Joan Walsh. Her illustrations are just precious. I saved all mine from my childhood and love getting them out. Enjoy your weekend. We are expecting wind chills of -30 or more. Crazy.

  17. I've never seen the books but they looks darling.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Happy new year my friend!