Saturday, January 4, 2014

"The North wind doth blow....

                                             ......and we shall have snow,

                            And what will poor robin do the, poor thing?

                             He'll sit in a barn and keep h8imself warm

                           And hide his head under his wing, poor thing."

This nursery rhyme has a 16th century British origin.

Good Saturday morning to you!  Are  you keeping warm where you are?  I know that some of the followers of this blog live in locations that are much colder than we are here.  We are cold here today, but the prediction is for a record low temperature of 1 degree on Monday night!

We actually woke to snow covering the ground, driveway, and street on Friday morning.

Looking toward the west.  The rising sun is making quite a shadow!

Looking toward the east across the back of our property.

Referring to the rhyme at the beginning of the post, it isn't unusual for us to see robins during the winter months around here.  Our "barn" is the building to the left in the picture.  I wouldn't consider it to be a place for keeping warm in the winter, though!:-) 

I hope you are staying safe and warm, wherever you are!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate  your comments.


  1. what a beautiful spot you are in, a cold barn doesn't seem like a warming place to us humans but I suppose it is shelter! Its been beastly cold here, Happy New Year to you!!

  2. I am so glad you got to enjoy a bit of the snow. The photos are so pretty. I am hibernating till spring!! LOL

  3. Yes, I have many Facebook friends who are in some quite frigid locations, and I'm content to be here, even though next week will be a test of our endurance. A friend was just wondering how the birds keep their legs and feet from freezing, and I guess that God made them to survive in these conditions. Have a good day, while it's a bit warmer than what we're expecting!

  4. Thankfully, you are in the house and not the barn. I'm already freezing my butt off and it's supposed to get colder. I used to love the winter, but I just might be forced to change my mind. I'm tired of being tense and achy from the cold.

    Stay warm, Nellie!

  5. Whew I didn't think blogger was going to let me leave a comment. I have been having that problem lately. So I read but can't leave a comment.
    Your snow is pretty and I love the nursery rhyme. So fitting. Stay warm. I love how bright blue the sky is against the white of the snow.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I actually saw a Robin at our bird feeder yesterday. That's unusual for us, but I've never seen one myself in January. Poor thing.

  7. We're up to twenty today and forty is predicted tomorrow. I am going out a little later -- all bundled up -- and getting some air. I'm going to return my library books while we have a nice day. Keep cozy!

  8. It was one degree here this morning.
    Sure makes you appreciate a nice warm house!! I feel so bad for the people who have lost power in some places in such cold weather.

  9. I have always loved those old nursery rhymes and I think my kids heard them all growing up---as I did.

    Great pictures, Nellie. We NEVER see a single robin until Spring. It is too cold here- xo Diana

  10. I can't believe how cold it is by you! Craziness! We went to 22 today, tomorrow supposed to be in the 40's but with rain. I haven't been out since Thursday morning before it started. xo

  11. We get our share of robins too, though none of the snow. I love watching them take baths in the puddles in our garden . . . and so do the cats! ;)

  12. Hi Nellie , the photos is just beautiful , thanks for sharing :)

  13. I love the little rhyme, it would be lovely on a sampler! We are supposed to get 0 monday night, the record is 7 I believe.

  14. Well we got down to -1 here...the coldest in several years...the storm was wild but not as wild as last years blizzard...
    Even with the wind this year which we clocked at 42as a high....we got a good15" of snow!!!!
    Sooooooo beautiful!!!!!
    Last night it got to 26 and felt like summer!!!

  15. Interesting.
    Last year I saw robins in winter. Not this year.

  16. Our robins are long gone hiding from our blizzard weather. Gorgeous pics. Stay warm and cozy. The girls are enjoying their extended Christmas break. Even my University closed for Monday.