Saturday, February 11, 2012

Return to Red....

I have tried to show the detail on the cups, but probably needed a different camera setting.
In this post, I will share with you a picture of what I won in Nann's giveaway.  She even included a lovely handwritten note on one of the placecards she used for that luncheon last week-end. I encourage you to check out her blog - - especially today as she has taken us on a tour of the tables as she had them set up for the party.  It would have been really exciting to have been a guest!

I think you are able to see that the saucers are heart-shaped.  What doesn't show well, however, is the decoration around the rim of the cups.  Nann has a much better picture on her site.  Are you able to see my name on that lovely placecard?  She did such great work!  I am in awe!  Thank you so much, Nann!

Table set for February.

Watching from the mantle.

I am always happy when February arrives.  That means the red that was so cheerful at Christmas will come back out to cover the table.  The white china (Strawberry and Vine, Wedgewood) gives a good contrast, and I enjoy using the few serving accessories I have.  The plate and bowls were in the picture from last Saturday's "Super Bowl" party, and they add a festive touch.  

On the mantel are two of my "standbys," both literally and figuratively.:-)  They have seen duty for a number of February holidays, and they keep an eye on everything as well.:-)

I missed a "photo-op" earlier this morning.  We had a little dusting of snow.  It quickly disappeared once the wind became such an issue.  Although we have had flurries off and on all day, there isn't any on the ground because the wind has blown it away.  There is the forecast for about three more days of winter weather before we return to the fifties by Wednesday next week.  

I have noticed new followers!  Welcome to you, and thank you for coming along.  I appreciate your reading and love your comments.

Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow!


  1. It looks really lovely. Congrats on winning such a nice giveaway. The one thing I love about Valentine's Day is pulling out the deeper reds to dress the house a bit. You did a beautiful job! xo Diana

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  3. Congrats on winning the lovely accessories!! Your place always looks so warm and festive, and now you'll have something else to add to your collection. Such a thoughtful gesture to send that handwritten note, too! :-)

  4. What a lovely give-away. I just love happy endings.

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  7. Nellie,

    Your table settings are so lovely and cheerful! I love the red heart plate. I feel inspired to go shopping for a new tablecloth just for "love" month!

  8. And this may be my last comment on your blog!! I can't get Google to change my name to "Connie!!"

  9. one more try. Google+ says I am Connie.

  10. That's it, I'm done. If you have any answers, Nellie, let me know!

  11. Good morning Nellie! I love the red and white dishes. Is that your first giveaway you have won? Don't you just love the wonderful people you meet blogging? It has been such a wonderful experience.
    It all looks so pretty.
    I hope you have a very nice Sunday.

  12. I do love that red heart plate! Congratulations to you, Nellie!
    You know, I never think to put poultry seasoning in chicken soup - got to remember that.

  13. Nellie...What a LOVELY blog post. THANKYOU for showing the cups and saucers and placecard that I sent you.It was a pleasure for me to send them to you. They look so nice at your house!! I am SO honored and flattered that you posted the giveaway. You are so kind. And your Valentines Tablescape is just delightful. I know you are going to have a wonderful Valentines Day.

    Hugs to you my dear new friend,