Friday, February 2, 2018

How did it begin?

I recently shared that a trip to England would be tops on my list....if money were no object.  How did this interest in England begin?

Have you ever heard of literary societies?  Well, they were in existence back in the Dark Ages when I was in college.😀 At one meeting, it was my assignment to prepare a reading using this book....

The book was published in 1940, so times were very different then.  This was the first time I had known of the white cliffs of Dover, and it was really captivating to read about this woman's emotions when she first viewed them from her ship.

Then, later, a favorite author, Susan Branch, wrote this amazing book....

Isn't it beautiful?  How could one not be moved by such sights?

Well, there is no trip to England on the horizon, so I'll just have to have that taste of England here at home.

Well, the marmalade is from Scotland, but it will be delicious on those crumpets, and the Wedgewood Strawberry and Vine cup and saucer will be grand for that tea!  Isn't that a clever packaging for the that British car?