Monday, May 1, 2023


 Rabbit, rabbit….and welcome to May!  

It was just a year ago today that I embarked on a journey I hadn’t even dared dream would happen!

The pictures just won’t transfer to this post in the order I wish!  Anyway, this is what I saw on my arrival at the Brooklyn Terminal before going through the check-in process to board the Queen Mary 2.  
These are the bags that went with me…everything I would need for almost three weeks!

Once again, the pictures didn’t load in the order I wished.  This picture in the middle shows the walkway to the escalator after I finished the checking in process.  Once up the escalator, there was another long walk until I reached the entry to the ship, greeted on either side of the doorway by these welcoming crew members.

They were waiting to be of assistance in whatever way was needed.  

As the ship began to sail from the harbor, the Statue of Liberty was visible.  We are on our way to Southampton UK!
This was the welcoming floral arrangement on the main level of the ship.
This was my first view of my stateroom for the crossing.  It was a very comfortable space. 

This was my first time to travel to another country, and it was an amazing experience!  I’d love to do it again!  Have any of you sailed across the ocean?