Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Wesley Day…

To those of you who have no knowledge of the beginnings of Methodism, Wesley Day means nothing.  This day honors John Wesley’s Aldersgate experience.  It’s the day he’s known for saying, “I felt my heart strangely warmed.”

It was just two weeks ago that I was visiting Bristol UK!

This was a place that I most wanted to visit while I was in England.

These are all pictures from The New Room.  I liked seeing all the puzzle pieces displayed, encouraging us to think about how and where we fit in the puzzle.  It was especially meaningful to be able to stand in the pulpit where John Wesley stood to preach when he was in Bristol.  

Today, in London, there is a pilgrimage from John Wesley’s statue in the garden of St. Paul’s Cathedral to his grave.  

I was blessed to be accompanied, once in England, by our oldest daughter who flew to London on Saturday, the 7th, and met me at Southampton on Sunday, the 8th.  Many of our trips to explore were taken via train, such as this one.

Amazing rail service!  We rode an hour and a half from Paddington Station in London to the station in Bristol.  These details are worthy of an individual post.

Blessing to all on this day!

Monday, May 23, 2022

“If you can dream it….

 …you can make it so.” Belva Davis, journalist.

What about you?  Do you have a dream (or dreams) in your life?  Are you inching toward making that dream happen?

A longtime dream of mine actually came true recently when I boarded the Queen Mary 2 to sail from New York City to Southampton UK on May 1!

From this…

…arrival at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal…through checking in…

Finally I reached the hallway for boarding!  Upon reaching the ship, this is what greeted me at the entry…

Thus began seven days of life on board the Queen Mary 2!  As we began sailing, I had my first ever view of this…

On Sunday morning, May 8, this was the view…
Southampton UK!  Ready to begin an England and Ireland adventure!  

I have material for lots and lots of blog posts.  The challenge is just taking time to do them!  

Wishing you joy in this day!

Friday, April 15, 2022

A Good Friday tradition…

 Yes!  I’m still here!  According to my record of views of my last post, there must be some of you who are wondering if I am still around.

Following along with what has become a Good Friday tradition since the early eighties…

…it is time to bake Hot Cross Buns!  Here they are after they have refrigerated overnight, waiting to be baked.

Here is that tray, just out of the oven.  The Husband declared them “perfectly baked!”  He doesn’t like them baked too long.

Now they have been smeared with that delicious glaze!  How can anyone go wrong with powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla?  

I have at least a dozen or two pictures from the past couple of months, always intending to take the time to post some to the blog.  One of these days, I may just post a photo overload.  We haven’t been idle here, and there have been many occasions to observe since mid-February.

Special Easter blessings to each of you!

Monday, February 21, 2022

One a month?

 That seems to be about my average for creating a new blog post.  This one will take a glance at February.

The month began with the Lunar New Year!  This year is the Year of the Tiger.  Very cute, I think.  Previous years have included the Year of the Dog and the Year of the Ox.  I’ve missed a few, I know.  No pictures of this, but we celebrated with Egg Rolls (frozen) and Stir Fry.

Abraham Lincoln, I would surmise, never gave any thought to the development in later years of Lincoln Logs.  Our version involved pretzels.  After we completed the remodeling project, we had something like this…

Appropriate for the sweetest month….
Oh, yes!  Definitely the sweetest month!  Is there ever too much chocolate?

My favorite color tulips!

I cannot tell a lie….

This is NOT a cherry pie…

Actually, this was the first time to bake a Cranberry Pie, and it was a hit with The Husband!

Now, it’s time to blend some Mardi Gras with all of the February celebrating.  Mardi Gras is on Tuesday, March 1, just a week from tomorrow!  Uncertain how we will be honoring the day here.  In times past, there has been an attempt at a King Cake.  I’m not quite ready to tackle that again yet.  Shrimp Gumbo sounds like a better idea!

This has been a month for birthday celebrations among members of my family.  It has also been a month of great loss as several beloved friends are now gone.  We celebrate the joy, as well as honor the memories.

We are all weary of the pandemic, that is true.  Let’s hang in there together for awhile longer, trusting to see better days in the future.

Take care, and stay safe and well!

Monday, January 24, 2022

Last Monday…

 …began with this view…

It was definitely a wintry week!  Perfect for some reading…

…this book, the current choice for my book club that meets via Twitter.

Also, it was a good time for a cozy kitchen supper…

 …a favorite of years past, Creamed Chicken in Cornbread Ring, along with roasted sweet potatoes.

It has been a great time to explore this book that was a Christmas gift…

True comfort food…meatloaf (inspired by recipe from above book), macaroni and cheese, and steamed broccoli!

A special treat was a Zoom interview with Susan Branch, sponsored by Cary Library in Massachusetts.

How are things where you are?  I wish you happy, healthy days!

Take care, be safe, and stay well!

Friday, January 7, 2022

Winter is here...


This was our view from our front door on Monday morning.  It didn’t linger very long, and it had all disappeared by the time the next storm arrived on Thursday.

This was the view from our front door on Thursday evening.  The lights from across the street looked really pretty in the snow.  

This wreath purchased at my UMW Craft Fair in October has been appropriate for December and on into the beginning of this new year.

We had a simple assortment of snacks for celebrating the New Year.  Ham and Swiss cheese pinwheels with horseradish mustard and meatballs for dipping in marinara are always popular choices!

Now the stockings are stored away for their appearance later this year.

There is this “Christmas leftover.”  Do you like eggnog?  We do, actually, and while I usually drink my coffee black, I have discovered that a touch of eggnog is quite tasty!

I know many areas have snow and ice.  Wherever you are, stay safe, cozy, and warm!