Thursday, December 24, 2020

As promised....

 Happy Christmas Eve, blogger friends!  I promised you a Christmas tree tour last time.  Here is a mini-version.  

Through the years, many of our ornaments have gone by the wayside.  These are three of our most recent additions, all gifts from friends.

The top one and the one on the bottom are from the same friend.  How appropriate that a mixer and mixing bowl hang from the tree!  I’ve certainly kept the mixer busy this season!  The lower ornament is actually a gift for The Husband.  He had a good chuckle when he opened the package!  Quite the perfect choice for him!

The one in the middle was sent by a friend in England a few years ago.  I’ve kept the ribbon length for display.

During these very different times, the calendar advances, and we are at a special time.  We plan to join with Christmas Eve services through the online option from our church website.  How are you observing Christmas Eve/Day?

Take care!  Be safe, and stay well!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Busy days....

 Even with staying home now and not being involved in the usual activities in the community, times become rather busy.  How many of your find that you are keeping busy, especially during this special season?

I’ll begin first with those things that have brought joy recently.


If there are any of you who follow me on Instagram,  you’ve seen these pictures.  One cold, frost-covered morning just last week, I looked out the window of the bedroom to see this activity at the bird feeder and the bird bath.  The woodpecker was a happy thing, rather camouflaged by the rose bush behind him.  The bird bath had a layer of ice over the water, but this blue jay knew how to search at the edge for that water.

2)  Adding the finishing touch to these cookies makes a bit difference!  

I know I’ve already declared Chocolate Crinkles to be my new favorite cookie, but there has to be room for these on the list, too.....Red Velvet Thumbprints!

3)  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, and this is my favorite of all the Christmas displays.  It is the first to be put in place, and the last to be stored away after Epiphany.

4)  This special nook has some favorite reading material....

5)  This always brings a smile to my face!  It has been a “Christmas regular” for almost 40 years!

As usual, we enjoyed our Sunday Lunch in the dining room.  The menu included roasted pork tenderloin (one of our favorites), “dirty” mashed potatoes, lima beans, and sour cream chocolate cake!

Do we have a tree?  Why, yes!  We do!  We’ll “tour” that the next time!

Be of good cheer!  Take care of yourself!  Be safe, and stay well!

Monday, December 7, 2020

Plans change....

 How was your weekend?  Have there been some special events you’ve been able to enjoy during these pandemic days?

Sunday afternoon was time for another Tea Party with Susan Branch event.  This one was sponsored by An Unlikely Story, a Massachusetts bookstore.  Are you able to see that stove behind Susan?  I’d love to have one just like it!  It’s a reproduction of those stoves many of us remember from years ago, and it would work well with projects like this one....
                                                       More cookies on the way!

The Sunday Lunch menu had a slight alteration.  Rather than been and noodles, we had a little taste of some beef barbecue, not too saucy.
Loved it with roasted garlic redskin potato wedges and Brussels sprouts!  It was good to follow up with a tasty nibble of these....

                                                        Reindeer Chow!  I believe I’m part reindeer!

We have just heard today that our church will halt in person worship again until January 3, 2021.  The Husband and I haven’t been to church in person since March 7 and have been worshipping online.  That will continue indefinitely.  

While the promise of a vaccine is encouraging, it will be quite awhile before everyone has the opportunity to take it.  We’re certain our doctor’s office will inform us whenever one is available for us.  

I hope you are finding ways to make these moments count.  I send the very best of wishes for the season to each of you!

Saturday, December 5, 2020

It’s all about the cookies....

 Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie?  Is it homemade?  Do you bake it every year?  There are a few that are traditional for us; however, I’m always ready to try something different, and I have one or two new ones to try this season.

This recipe for Chocolate Crinkles is readily available on the Betty Crocker website. 

They look like this on the cookie sheet before going into the oven....

....and here they are after they are baked!  I might just be able to say that they are my new favorite cookie!

Tomorrow’s menu?  Beef and noodles sounds like a good choice to me!  Perhaps a cookie or two for dessert!  

Stay safe and well!

Friday, December 4, 2020

The Friday Five....

 Here we are, another Friday has rolled around!  Did this week pass quickly for you, or was it one of those weeks that seemed to creep along?  

Here are some things that have been the source of pleasure for me this week.


The fog gives a good backdrop to the first picture, though the holly berries are difficult to see.  The second picture is from a different angle.  They are part of the namesake for the blog.

2)  I will confess that I love this season!  

I love to set the table with Christmas dishes!  

3)  I love to have leftovers from a roast turkey!
Turkey Wild Rice Soup!  One of my favorites!

4)  I love to be able to have a fire in the fire pit!
This wood, cut by Country Man, will be fuel for many fire pit sessions!

5)  I love cookies!  Today is National Cookie Day, I hear!
Who can resist a good Molasses Cookie?

How are you preparing for this holiday season?  I believe I’ve mastered the art of online shopping!  That is all too easy!  Are you decorating?  Are you sending cards?  Are you doing any special cooking?  

The weekend is ahead!  Do you have any special plans?  Remember to take care, be safe, and stay well!