Monday, June 29, 2020


How are you with keeping your promises?  I'm fulfilling one I made in the last post, and there will be a picture showing that lasagna out of the oven, and ready to serve!

In an attempt to use what was on hand, I used whole wheat lasagna noodles for this recipe.  Also, I cut it in half as the original recipe (from Betty Crocker) would make a couple of dishes this size.  As it is, we will have lasagna to enjoy for a few more times this week.

On Saturday, friends delivered fresh green beans from their garden!  Those had a spot on the menu on Sunday, along with a delightful tiramisu from Target....Archer Farms in the freezer section!

We ended our Sunday on a really good note with a family Zoom call, complete with laughter!

May you find opportunities for laughter in this day....and the days ahead.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

On the menu....

This is Day 107 for us to follow a stay home policy.  We have been out only for curbside pickup, the bank drive through, and prescription drive through.  What had been our usual routine has been altered as we have been safe at home.

Sundays had found us in the car making that trip to church for Sunday School and worship.  Since Sunday, March 15, we have worshiped online at our church website and "attended" Sunday School through a webinar feature established by our Sunday School teacher.

In an effort to give a bit of variety in what has become our new routine, I have been preparing "Sunday dinner" for lunch on Sunday, and we eat in the dining room.  This is a break in what may sometimes tend to feel monotonous, and we will have leftovers that are good to have around the following week.

This week, on Sunday's menu is lasagna with an iceberg wedge salad.  I assembled it today, and it is refrigerated until time for baking tomorrow.

I believe I will let this be the beginning of "Italian Week!"  Of course, that will include pizza!;-)

Is there anything different that you are doing during this unprecedented time?  Are you staying home?  Are you taking care of things as you usually do?  Are you taking any special precautions?

New U.S. Coronavirus cases have broken a record, according to the news that just came across my news feed.  This is a long way from being over!

Take care of yourself!  Be safe!  Wear a mask!  Stay well!  Check on your neighbors!  Encourage them to be tested if they aren't feeling well!  Be thankful for something in each day!  Be good to yourself!

I will try to remember to take a picture of the plate when this is served.  You may see it on Monday!

Blessings to you!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Better hurry....

I have it on good authority that today is National Chocolate Pudding Day!  Whenever you read this, there may be just enough time for you to stir some together!  I'm hoping this will cool enough for dessert tonight!  Come to think of it, it really is pretty tasty warm, too! :-)

Some whipped cream?  Hmm....that's an idea!

Monday, June 1, 2020

A new month....

Rabbit, rabbit!  It's a new month, and summer is not far away!

This image comes from Susan Branch's calendar, the page for June 2020.  It has put me to remembering those days of June....and summer....from my childhood.

There was no library nearby during my growing up years.  Living as we did, right at the county line, we were about midway between two towns where their libraries were.  One was expected to access the public library located in their home county, and the nearest public library was eight miles away from where we lived.  In those days, most households had only one car, and Dad needed it to drive to the opposite direction of the library, and in the county where we didn't live.  In order to go to our county public library, we would have had to wait along the highway for a Trailways or Greyhound bus to come, then pay the fare to travel the eight miles, then hope we would be able to have that bus transportation to return home.  There were no bookmobiles serving the area where we lived, either, and the library of my elementary school (three miles away) was closed in the summer, of course.

I made up for that lack of library access in following years.  As a high school student, I volunteered in the high school library during my study hall period!  While a high school junior and senior, I worked two days a week after school in the county public library.  I continued that library work when I attended college, staying on campus to work fulltime in the summers.  After college graduation, I was employed as a member of the library staff, remaining there for a year before moving on to other employment.

It would have been a real delight to be able to spend hot summertime hours in a cool library!  Reading and books have always been great loves of mine!  I'm ready to take that glass of lemonade, pick up my book-of-the-moment (rereading Jan Karon's Mitford series currently), and head outside to find a shady spot!

My wish for you is that you take care of yourself, make safe choices, and stay well!  Follow social distancing guidelines!  Remember your mask!  Wash your hands!  If you don't feel well, contact a medical professional!