Monday, July 10, 2023


 I’m posting this on what I have learned is National Kitten Day!  Isn’t that a neat honoring of our feline friends?  Everyone needs a little “fluff” in their lives!  Sadly, we have been without a cat for a number of years now.  

We’ve been at this location for 19 years.  It is a small development….only one street that ends in a cul-de-sac….and we have underground utilities.  Comcast has been the only Internet provider, installing their lines at the onset of the development, which is in a rural area, now becoming a quickly growing, developing area of the county.  

We have attempted to set up Internet service with a couple of other possibilities, neither one being as satisfactory as the Comcast connection.  That is….until recent progress.  

The pictures below will show the beginning of the installation of fiber optic cable by our electric company.

The first photo above is where the installers were this afternoon, at the edge of our front yard.  They have been in the neighborhood for a couple of weeks digging what is needed for the conduit.  The second photo shows where they were working last week.

Here they are, beginning their work at the edge of our yard this morning.
One of their many work trucks at the edge of our driveway.
They have had lots of practice with those trenches.  This is from last week across the street from the house next door to us.

What are your Internet options where you live?  Do you have several servers from which to choose?  Is broadband Internet something that your electrical provider makes available?  More options mean more competition!  That has to be a good thing, right?  Hopefully we will find an Internet connection possibility that gives us a better rate!  That would definitely be a good thing!

Expect a bit of a “photo dump” from the first week in this month.  I may get to that before this week is gone!

Thursday, July 6, 2023


 Has this week seemed odd to you?  Unusual to have a holiday on Tuesday.  It’s almost like having two Mondays.  Of course, if you are retired (and I think most people who read this blog are in that category), the days of the week may just blend into one another.  

Anyway, it was a good time to celebrate….Independence Day!  As usual, my thoughts turned to food, and this dessert hit the spot.  

Just in time, our blueberries have begun to ripen.  This is from our first picking.

I greased my baking dish first, then spread those blueberries around in it….

Then I opened a large can of crushed pineapple (with juice) and poured it on top of the blueberries.

Next, I opened a box of white cake mix and sprinkled it evenly over the fruit in the dish.

Added some melted butter….just a stick…and a few coarsely chopped pecans.  You could use walnuts, too.  
Ready to slide into the oven….set at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes or so.  Check to be sure it doesn’t become too brown for your liking.

Here is the finished product!  Someone sneaked a serving before I took the photo!

It was good with some whipped cream on top.  Someone else chose vanilla ice cream.  

The hot and humid days of summer call for staying cool and hydrated!  I hope you are staying safe!

China pattern:  Olde Chelsea by Myott.  I’ve had this china for 60 years!  Guess we’re both vintage! 😂