Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Out and about....

We've had some lovely days recently, and I went out and about into our yard.

I can never remember the name of this!  I love it because it blooms both in the late spring and early fall.

The Burning Bush (I think) has tiny blooms!

The azaleas are blooming beautifully!

The snowball bush is full!  

Even the white azalea bush is blooming!  This is better than we had last year!  I was ready for it to be cut down!  

The asparagus has been really good, too!  (Yes, I know! There are weeds in the asparagus patch!)

How is spring where you are?

Cookbook Wednesday....

As a retired elementary public school teacher, increasing interest in books and reading among my third-grade pupils was one of my goals.  The Boxcar Children was a popular series in 1992, and this cookbook was a good addition to my collection.

Published in 1991, the Table of Contents is very appealing, even for today's time!

Safety tips are good for children - or any of us - to have!

Hints for measuring are always helpful.

This recipe comes from The Snowbound Mystery, and is a good one for gift-giving.

Brown bread has always been a favorite of mine!

Here is a way to keep your hands clean while working on baking bread!

This is from Mystery Ranch, and who doesn't like French Toast?  Yum!

There is even a recipe for making one's own peanut butter!

From The Snowbound Mystery we have that good standby - spaghetti and meat sauce!

A tossed salad would go well with that spaghetti!

Try making your own dressing!

Chocolate Pudding!  A good way to end your dinner in Tree House Mystery!

While written in terms that are understandable for children, this cookbook can give new ideas for even the most experienced cook!  Perhaps you've been given an idea or two.:-)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A favorite....

The cake pictured in the last post was one from last week-end when we were able to have everyone together for a bit of early-birthday celebrating.  It is City Girl's favorite -  yellow cake with chocolate frosting - and it went home with her.

This is The Husband's favorite cake -

I was so busy with putting everything together - in a bit of a hurry, I might add - that I didn't remember the picture taking until this point!:-)  The Husband has always loved Carrot Cake.

This is a recipe that I have had for years (rewrote the recipe card a few years ago), and I do not remember the source.  

I used reduced fat cream cheese, and it worked out very well.  


Monday, April 27, 2015

Time for another one....

This is the day for some more very special birthday wishes!  Yes, today is The Husband's birthday!  (I was an "older woman" for only two days).:-)

Perhaps there will be time to enjoy something like this!

Happy Birthday to The Husband!  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

This is the day.....

....for some special wishes!

There is an April Birthday Girl who celebrates today! 

Happy Birthday, City Girl!  You have enriched our lives beyond measure!

You were the best birthday gift ever!

It was fun to be able to celebrate early last week-end!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Though we have been busy with various remodeling projects around here, there has been some time for reading.  

This is an outstanding account of Jessica Alexander's experiences working with humanitarian aid agencies in several locations throughout the world.  It is one of the books listed on the United Methodist Women Reading List for this year in the Education for Mission category.  

As a young woman who had just graduated from college, she began working at an advertising agency based in New Your City. The death of her mother from lymphoma, five years after her diagnosis, spurred Ms. Alexander to search for a more meaningful life choice.  Her work with humanitarian aid took her to Rwanda and North Darfur, among other locations, for a period of ten years.

A rainy week-end is ahead, perfect for more reading.:-)

Those serving pieces....

In Tuesday's post, I failed to include information about the serving pieces that were used for these:

They are my favorite to use in the spring and through the summer.

Here are some additional pictures that better show the detail.  These are designed by Susan Branch for the Lenox Company.  Called "A Proper Tea," they were available a few years ago. The pitcher was a gift from one of our daughters and is not part of the grouping, though it does fit with the Lenox pattern.  The bowl is called a berry bowl.

China in the background is Strawberry Fair by Johnson Brothers.

I hope spring is arriving where you are!

Earth Day....and Cookbook Wednesday!

Who of us is not familiar with the Ingalls family and their endeavors to live off the land?  On this Earth Day, this seems to be an appropriate feature.

I have always liked being able to connect with children's literature through possible activities in the kitchen.

By the date, you can see this book has been on my shelf several years.

Does this chapter listing inspire you?

Notice that beaver traps were not set since the beaver population was dwindling.

Serving that turkey dinner definitely required some extra steps and time.

There was actually bread-making before the advent of electric ovens or bread machines!

Pancakes were a favorite.

Potatoes were a stand-by - mashed, with leftovers saved for potato cakes.

"A good meal is not complete without dessert!"  (A famous quote from The Husband).

With homemade sausage on hand, a good breakfast was guaranteed!

This was a Sunday dinner treat for many through the years.

I can imagine the steps needed to bake this wedding cake without our modern day conveniences!  It would have been quite an undertaking.

Do you have plans to do something helpful for the environment today?  We're planting some flowers!

Happy Earth Day!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Something from the kitchen...

There is a special event today in memory of some dear friends who are now missing from our bridge group.  Some special refreshments are in order, and two other friends will also have something from their kitchens.  

This is what is going with me.

The pans before brushing each with melted butter and dusting them with crumbs....

Out of the oven....

....topping added, and ready to serve!

The recipe -

I've had this recipe, from a neighbor, for over 35 years!  It has been a long-time favorite!

The toppings used this time were lemon curd (from a jar) and a homemade blueberry topping using our own blueberries (from last season) that were stored in the freezer.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

The week-end....

....was a very busy one.  In fact, the days preceding the week-end were busy ones as well!😉

There was another trip to Emory & Henry for a special occasion - the memorial service for a well-loved choral director who had retired a number of years ago.

Singing in the choir under his direction was an incomparable experience.  The chapel was filled with many people - probably 200 of us who had sung in the choir, plus others who had great appreciation for him and his positive impact on so many lives through the years.  It was an awesome time to be able to sing once again - under his son's direction - some of the music that had been so meaningful to us in past years.  Two of our three daughters were able to attend as well.

The local high school presented a musical program on the week-end, too.

This happens to be my all-time favorite movie, so anytime I have a chance to hear the music, I am anxious to be there.

Now, we have another week unfolding before us.  I send wishes for a Marvelous Monday to you!