Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Some special wishes....and a winner!

April 1!  A new month - and a day for special wishes!  Today is my sister's birthday!  She is the younger one in this picture -

This is the earliest picture I have of her.  Mother mentioned that film and photography were not the easiest to obtain when my sister was younger because of the war (World War II).  She is probably a little less than a year here.  

Anyway - many wishes for a very happy birthday to you, Sister!

I am able to announce a winner in the Gooseberry Patch giveaway.  Lady Jane's name was drawn by The Husband.  I have left a comment on her blog telling her the news.  Now I am awaiting email with her mailing address.  I will wait through the week-end for her response before considering another drawing.

Never one for April Fool's jokes here, so I will leave you with the usual wishes for a good day! 


  1. Happy April Nellie, Happy Birthday to your sister and congratulations toLady Jane, the lucky winner.

    I hope that you have a nice day. The sun is shining here.

  2. Nellie, Congrats to Jane on the win. Happy Birthday to your sister....that is a sweet photo. Hope everyone has an enjoyable day. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Sister! We surely do have a gorgeous day for a celebration, but I think I'll just take a nap! LOL Congrats to Lady Jane! :-)

  4. I love that picture! I do enjoy seeing pictures. I am glad you have a winner.
    Have a lovely day! Happy April first too. I am not a fan of the jokes either. :)

  5. That must be YOU there with your sister? You are both just ADORABLE! Happy Birthday to your sweet sister.

    Congrats to Lady Jane, too.

    I am reading that book tonight that you sent me before, Nellie. I am then passing it along to my friend, Margaret.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday- xo Diana

  6. Hi Nellie ,
    Happy birthday to your dear sister Glenda , the both of you are cuties .
    Congrats to Lady Jane and I know she will enjoy her books .
    Did you notice Glenda has the same smile ... Happy Birthday Glenda !

  7. Happy birthday to your sister! And congrats to Lady Jane. I think I might buy the autumn cookbook for myself.

  8. What a lovely picture of you and your sister. Congrats to Lady Jane!

  9. Happy Birthday to Glenda and Congratulations to Lady Jane!

  10. Happy Birthday to your sister (Glenda?).
    Lucky lady Jane. : )

  11. Belated happy birthday wishes to your sister! You were both beautiful children.
    Congrats to your give away winner!