Thursday, February 15, 2024

Winter pleasures….

 Hello!  Wow!!  Checking the stats for views of my last blog post….over 200!!  Some of you perhaps keep checking to see if I’ve updated my entries…or perhaps it’s the title.  I don’t recall ever having that many views! 

This February has been packed with special events, beginning with Groundhog Day.  We don’t have a resident groundhog here currently, so there was no chance of a picture to see if he saw his shadow.  

The mantle shows some of the special days this month.

February 10 was the Lunar New Year.  This is the Year of the Dragon, which coincidentally occurred the year I was born!  Celebrations may continue for several days because this is considered a greater than usual year. 

The table setting is ready for all of the special days!

February 13 was Mardi Gras.  No King Cake here this year.  On past blog posts, I’ve shown the progress as I proceeded to bake our own.  

Then, Wednesday was not only Valentine’s Day, it was also Ash Wednesday, with Easter’s earlier arrival this year.

We began our Valentine’s Day with Quiche Lorraine and Blueberry Muffins, thanks to my favorite grocery.

The Husband and I were able to go out for a Valentine’s Day dinner.

The bread was so good, especially dipped in that oil!
I chose the salmon.  The Husband chose stuffed cod.
Time has been spent in the kitchen, however, for home-cooked meals.

Lots of chopping for this very tasty Root Vegetable Soup!

Toasted oats were also an ingredient!

It was delicious!  The recipe is in the Grit Magazine for March/April 2023.

Of course, dessert receives some attention.  This time it was Black Forest Cake, first time for baking it.

The cake was very well-received!

February has been full of special observations.  We still have Presidents Day, plus there is that extra day in the month included this year….Leap Year!

Oh, one more thing I didn’t include above.  When I was shopping at World Market, there was a Lunar New Year chart on display.  

Can you find your year?

Thank you for being here.  Sending along wishes for all good things to come your way!