Thursday, March 31, 2016

A special time....

We were able to spend some special time with Muncho Mom, Macho Man, and the Munchkins during Easter.  

The Munchkins cut the flowers from the yard for the vase on the table.

China - Charleston by Lenox, now discontinued
Crystal - Fedora by Oneida, now discontinued
Flatware - Dover Stainless by Oneida

Munchkin the Younger drew a picture for a surprise at the table!

The dining room furnishings are provided by the church for the parsonage.

We truly enjoyed our visit!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A perfect spot....

A recent visit with the Munchkins (and the family, too, of course!) enabled us to accompany them on their church-sponsored Easter egg hunt.

While this picture doesn't show the entire space available, there were many "hiding" places for those eggs!  This is in the back of the property.  The front space was almost as large.  Not seen in the picture are more trees and the fencing to the right.

The property owner had salvaged these stones from the former dwelling that was located on the property.  This is an amazing stone wall!!

This is a cellar space that has been developed on the property.

Lovely rhubarb in a raised bed!  Following are more pictures showing the raised beds.

Cabbage plants already planted.

In this picture, the fencing that wasn't visible in an earlier one can be seen.

It was a perfect spot for that egg hunt!  

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This season....

This season has given much to love -

Trees in bloom....sign of spring's arrival!

....and a trip to Emory and Henry College, my alma mater, for Founders Day!  There are always great preparations made for those of us who return!

Friday, March 18, 2016

What we have loved....

Those little Irishmen!! That souvenir piece of petrified wood (thank you, GPW) is a perfect perch! 

The always lucky shamrock! (Thank you, GJ!)

Lovely yellow tulips, blending with the blue, to follow that blue and gold color scheme of my college alma mater!

The cluster of those Beanie Baby Bunnies, foretelling the arrival of Easter very soon!

These delicious rolls!  Thank you, Happyone, for the link to the recipe!

I hope you are finding some favorite things during this season!