Friday, March 18, 2016

What we have loved....

Those little Irishmen!! That souvenir piece of petrified wood (thank you, GPW) is a perfect perch! 

The always lucky shamrock! (Thank you, GJ!)

Lovely yellow tulips, blending with the blue, to follow that blue and gold color scheme of my college alma mater!

The cluster of those Beanie Baby Bunnies, foretelling the arrival of Easter very soon!

These delicious rolls!  Thank you, Happyone, for the link to the recipe!

I hope you are finding some favorite things during this season!


  1. Nellie, Those rolls look like candy to me..I just love bread. Hope you had a fun St Pat's Day. Let's hope the bit of cold coming thru doesn't snow on our Easter parade. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. All 'loves' I can relate to, especially those incredible-looking rolls :)

  3. I love your happy little critters, and the flowers are just lovely and cheerful! Those bunnies are resting against an old lamp, I believe, and I have one very similar from our ancestors as well. I'm drooling over the rolls, Sister, and it's probably a very good thing that I'm so far away, or I'd be knocking at your door for a sample! LOL Have a wonderful Friday afternoon!

  4. I saw the picture of those rolls and just knew it was the wheat ones. So glad you like them. : )
    Love those tulips!!

  5. Love those Irish lads! Those rolls sure look good to me!!! xo Diana

  6. Happy belated St Patrick Day Nellie. Love your cute leprechauns and those rolls look yummy.

  7. Hello Nellie! The shamrocks seem to be growing in a pot. I have not seen live shamrocks before. Love the tulips and the rolls look very appetising.
    Happy days,

  8. Girl, you have decorations for every single occasion!

  9. I hope you had a great St. Patrick's day, Nellie. And I want some of those rolls asap, please ;)